Squier Paranormal

Paranormal Series guitars and basses are the answer for those players seeking something a little different from the more traditional Fender guitar designs that Squier is renowned for producing. 

Each of these models helps to embrace a near-forgotten design from Fender's illustrious past and offers a unique take on familiar specs.


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What Is The Squier Paranormal Series?

The Squier Paranormal Series is a relatively new entry into the budget-friendly world of Fender-designed guitars and basses.

Featuring a whole host of near-forgotten Fender classics, the Paranormal Series is a welcome break from the company's more traditional offerings, and in true Squier style, these instruments can be yours for a phenomenal price.

Just How Unique Are We Talking?

Amongst the offerings from the Paranormal lineup, you'll find instruments ranging from relatively normal (such as with the Cabronita Telecaster or Jazz Bass 54) through to the extreme (like with the Offset Telecaster or Super-Sonic).

Each of the instruments in this series features pickups that are designed by Fender, and offer the kind of tonal options normally reserved for more expensive models - whether you want a semi-hollow Telecaster with Soapbar pickups, a reverse-body Jazzmaster with a set of humbuckers, or a trio of Stratocaster-like pickups with classic Jaguar switching options, you will find them within the Paranormal series.

Excellent Value For Money

Whilst designed to be sold at an attractive price point, don't think for one second that these instruments compromise on build quality or playability.

In addition to solid tone and playability, each instrument offers the choice of two sleek finishes (with the exception of the Cabronita Baritone Telecaster, which is available in just Black).

Each of these features, combined with the affordable asking price, makes the Paranormal Series ideal for both beginners and more experienced players alike. 

Why Buy A Squier Paranormal At PMT?

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