Squier Affinity Series

The Squier Affinity Series has been relied upon by thousands of new guitarists around the world as their first guitar or bass. Featuring some of Fender's most iconic Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar shapes, the Affinity Series offers superb value for money without much compromise to build quality or reliability.

Affinity models are the ultimate entry-level guitar, offering a nice balance between price, performance and vintage tone. This is an especially great option if you want your first guitar to have a stylish look, feel and a high-quality sound. They’re especially great as you’ll be able to pick up a guitar or bass that you already know and love, whether that’s the Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazzmaster models and beyond.




Despite the super affordable price point – the guitars in the Affinity Range will last well into your playing years because they’re built to the professional standards we’ve come to expect over the years. As well as a solid sound – you can expect a sleek range of finishes and colours within the range. This is part of what makes these guitars so great for beginners, but the focus on comfort and playability is another huge factor in why they’re such a hit as first guitars.


As well as beginners, the Squier Affinity Series can also make for a great touring backup for professional musicians on the road. You can’t always justify spending on a full-priced backup guitar in-case you snap a string in the middle of your set – however, these can be a perfect budget-friendly solution. Ideal if you have a technical issue and you want to quickly grab a replacement model that still looks and sounds the part.


With the sound and stylings present from all of the classic Fender models – you’re still buying into a trusted brand with the Affinity Series Guitars. They’re still going to look and play like those famous models. This is a great factor given the budget-friendly pricing of the Squier guitars.


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  • Are Squier Affinity Series guitars any good?

    The Squier Affinity Series offers a range of iconic designs and quintessential tones at a budget. They're a perfect guitar for beginners or those who need a back-up to their main axe.
  • What is the difference between Squier Affinity and Bullet guitars?

    Squier Affinity guitars are built to a better standard than the Squier Bullet range. They have hotter pickups and better finishes. These guitars are a great option for those who are ready to move beyond their first beginner guitar such as the Bullet.
  • Where are Squier Affinity Series guitars made?

    Squier Affinity Series guitars have been made in various locations, but they are most commonly produced in China or Indonesia.