Reason Studios

Reason Studios (formerly known as Propellerhead Software) are the development team behind the Reason 11, including other popular music software titles like ReCycle.


Propellerhead started in 1994 and since then have been making innovative yet affordable instruments and software tools such as Reason, Recycle, Figure and Take. These titles have played a huge part in fulfilling the musical dreams of today's generation of budding producers and musicians.


Reason 11 represents the latest edition of the infamous rack-style DAW sequencer. With hundreds of ways to create new sounds and tracks from scratch, Reason 11 is essentially a self-contained music making powerhouse, with no extra software or hardware required!

Enabling music makers of all major digital audio workstations to plug the Reason Rack into their sessions, Reason 11 now includes the Reason Rack Plugin, on top of a number of updates to its standalone music making software.

Take all your favorite Reason instruments and effects to any DAW with the Reason Rack Plugin. Animate and fatten up your sound with two new new modulation effects. Craft your mix with a trio of devices that brings the million-dollar sound of Reason’s mixer to the rack. Work faster with a smoother-than-ever creative flow. Reason 11 is here–what’s the perfect upgrade for you?