Moog Sound Studio Bundles

Start patching today with a complete analog synthesis studio in a box. Featuring a selection of semi-modular equipment, cables, accessories, and even educational tools, the Moog Sound Studio gives you everything you need to enter the world of analog synthesis for the first time. Experienced musicians will love the extra tools too, which offer a completely immmersive production experience with opportunity for endless creation and experimentation. Just supply your own headphones or personal speaker and you’re ready to get started!


What's Included?

With every Moog Sound Studio Bundle you will receive:

  • an audio mixer and power distribution hub
  • a rack mount kit with matching protective cover
  • patch cables and a patch cable organizer
  • guided exercises and patches
  • a unique card game for generating novel patches
  • custom artwork designed exclusively for Moog Sound Studio owners
  • plenty of extra creative inspiration

The Moog Sound Studio Bundle has every base covered when it comes to getting started with analog synthesis and sound design - but professionals will love the sonic power and versatility of these eurorack-compatible machines, too.


Featuring iconic Moog oscillators, powerful sequencing, and intuitive connectivity to any creative, electronic, or modular ecosystem, the Mother-32 boasts a raw, analog sound that is great for classic lead and bass tones. With pattern-memory, MIDI input, and MIDI to CV conversion, this exciting synthesizer is the perfect tool for inspired music creation.


The Drummer From Another Mother is a specialised percussion synthesizer that is unparalleled when it comes to creating rich electronic drum patches. With all-analog organic sequencing, the DFAM is perfect for those who want to create expressive music with a powerful synth that has a hands-on workflow.


This excellent analog synth employs a 6-tone sound engine and multi-layered clock generator that is designed for discovering unique subharmonic chord shapes and intricate polyrhythmic sequences. With a self-oscillating ladder filter, low-pass, and 4-Pole filters in addition to VCA EG and VCF EG envelopes for Attack and Decay, even experienced musicians will be surprised by the extended palette of dynamic potential available from the Subharmonicon.

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  • Does the Moog Sound Studio come with a case?

    Yes - the water-repellant cover is made from Ballistic Cordura to safeguard your gear from any studio or stage mishaps, whilst the ultra-soft interior remains gentle against your synth. It's custom-fit to accommodate patch-cabling and I/O panel access.
  • How do I power the Moog Sound Studio?

    Each of the Moog Sound Studio Bundles comes complete with a power distribution hub, so powering your synths up is completely effortless.
  • What Moog Sound Studio Bundle is best for me?

    Each bundle in the Sound Studio collection will allow for different types of music creation. For the complete experience, opt for the Trio Bundle - otherwise, you'll have to decide which of the Subharmonicon and the Mother-32 would suit your set-up best!
  • Is the Moog Sound Studio Eurorack compatible?

    Yes - each of the synths in the Sound Studio bundle is Eurorack compatible, and each bundle will come with its own tiered-rack for using them together.
  • What is included with the Moog Sound Studio?

    With each Sound Studio Bundle you will receive an audio mixer, power distribution hub, rack mount kit, protective cover, patch cables, patch cable organizer, guided exercises, a unique card game for generating novel patches, and custom artwork.