Mono guitar cases and gig bags are some of the highest quality guitar cases you can buy on the market. Mono’s inspiration comes from designing and developing something that no other guitar case company had done before. 99.9% of guitarists have pulled their guitar from their guitar case without fully unzipping it, we’ve seen it hundreds of times and we still continue to do it. This is Mono’s innovative design comes in. Their guitar cases and gig bags provide a simple yet elegant solution to make it easier to transport your guitar, whilst protecting the contents with a rugged case.


Mono’s forte is the Mono Vertigo electric guitar case, they call it the world’s first top-loading guitar case. This is due to being able to stand the guitar case up whilst you’re removing the guitar. The “boot” is the rubber sole designed for rugged protection in case of accidental drops, and it keeps the guitar case in an upright position whilst you remove your instrument. The Mono Vertigo electric guitar case features a headlock neck with a suspension system. You don’t need to waste time strapping up your guitar with potentially unsafe Velcro straps, just lay the guitar down in the bag and place the neck in the natural resting point. You can then zip the guitar bag up and the top section automatically clamps down on the guitar headstock, holding it firmly in place. No extra steps required!

The Mono Vertigo features a special bottom end called the “boot”. The boot takes the protective qualities of the footwear industry and has integrated it with the Mono Vertigo’s guitar case. With its custom rubber outsole and insole, the boot bounces off concrete flawlessly, saving your guitar case contents in the event of an accidental vertical drop. You can travel in complete confidence knowing how safe your guitar is should an accident happen.

The Mono Vertigo electric guitar case features the world’s first top-loading design. The slick feature lets you quickly grab your guitar from the guitar bag whilst standing up, no need to bend down and unzip the entire thing! Forget straps and buckles, the headstock lock automatically opens when you unzip the top front panel, allowing you to pull out your guitar and jam within seconds. Don’t feel like standing up? The Vertigo guitar case opens up like a normal bag if you want to do it the way you’re used to, however, the top-loading feature is always there should you want to use it.


The Mono M80-AC acoustic guitar gig bag is more of a traditional case, but the quality doesn’t differ. Any guitarist would benefit from the strongest, thinnest, and easy to carry solution for transporting their instrument. The Mono M80-AC looks like a professional gig bag, and it feels like it too. It is extremely lightweight whilst incorporating an unmatched level of protection with well-placed ABS panels that provide a buffer between your acoustic guitar and the outside elements. The Mono M80-AC acoustic guitar gig bag is constructed with high-tech materials sourced from reputable merchandisers and is reinforced with triple stitching in order to make your instrument stay safe during transportation.


Just like the Mono electric guitar case, the Mono Vertigo bass guitar case comes equipped with the 3 major components; the headlock, top-loading instrument removal and the protective boot. Your bass guitar is in safe hands with a Vertigo case. Save time by quickly unloading your bass guitar whilst stood up, save your back by not having to bend over to pick up a heavy object, and save your precious instrument with the boots rugged protective qualities.

The Mono Vertigo electric bass guitar case fits all shapes, sizes and brands of bass guitar, including all the popular brands like Yamaha, Fender, Gibson and Ibanez.


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