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Fond of injecting both contemporary and classic synths with their forward-thinking philosophy, Modal Electronics combine old-school sounds, aesthetics and concepts with modern and innovative tech to deliver powerful, hands-on instruments that push the creative boundaries and ignite excitement in musicians, producers and performers alike.

From their impressive new COBALT Series of synthesizer that cherry-picks all the best features from classic legendary vintage synths and combines them with progressive concepts in sound generation techniques to the expansive sonic toolkit of their ARGON series - Here at PMT Online we stock a wide range of Modal Products that are just waiting to unlock your full creative potential!


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Appropriately dubbed by Modal themselves - Machines for Musicians - these powerful synths offer a unique hybrid of Digital Modelling and analogue-style processing. Create an amazing range of sounds for any style of music exploration.

Play and perform with modern and classic wavetable synth sounds. Expand your sound universe with Modal Electronics!