Mesa Boogie

Mesa amp motto is simple "great tone never goes out of style." That core philosophy drives the sound of their most recognisable amps, from the Mark V to the renowned Rectifiers. On top of blistering tone they're some of the best specced heads, combos and cabs. One of our first recommendations for guitarists heading out on the road. Plenty loud and with a great selection in store, PMT are UK dealer of Mesa Boogie with stores all over the country.

Mesa Boogie was founded through experimenting and modifying Fender Princeton amplifiers, which became successful with the likes of Carlos Santana and Keith Richards! They quickly became one of the go-to brands for 'boutique' guitar amps, cabinets and pedals. Flagship Rectifier amps have become a Rock icon, adorning the back line of seasoned guitarists for decades. Other lines include their renowned 'Mark' range, 'Express Plus' and 'Lone Star' amps each with their own unique sonic characteristics, tone and design.

Mesa Boogie will remain as one of the pioneers of tube technology in years to come.


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