Mapex Snares

Make a Mapex Snare the centrepoint of your drum sound and feel the difference in your playing. With a truly stunning selection that includes the Black Panther range, MPX series and more,
Mapex has you covered.


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Snare Materials

Maple, Steel, Copper, Brass, and more - for a beginner drummer, this plethora of materials can make it hard to know exactly what sort of snare to buy.

Different materials will lend different qualities to a snare, both in terms of how they feel and how they sound. Your best bet is to see what type of snare your favourite drummer usually uses, and try to think about why exactly you like that particular sound.

For more information on Mapex Snares, come along to your local PMT Store and talk to one of our Experts who will be happy to help you figure out which type is right for you!