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Line 6 are tone fanatics driven by technology, among the first to create digital modelling devices such as the Spider amps and POD.

World-class tone is still at the core, with their latest Amplifi and Helix products creating sounds indistinguishable from the real thing. Plug in today and see why most of your favourite artists are choosing the likes of Helix and other Line 6 Products to ensure the best sound possible and the most reliable playing experience. 


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  • Is Line 6 Helix worth it?

    If you're searching for effects that can take your playing to the next level then look no further than the Line 6 Helix range. Offering modern guitar tones in an easy-to-use and portable pedalboard package, we think they're definitely worth the price.
  • Are Line 6 amps good?

    Line 6 amps are chosen by players of all abilities due to their extensive range of tones and commitment to solid build quality. Find the perfect amplifier solution for your playing style with the awesome range of combos, cabinets, and more.
  • Is Line 6 owned by Yamaha?

    Line 6 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation.
  • How to update Line 6 Helix?

    Line 6 Helix products can be updated via the Line 6 software portal - head over to the Line 6 website for further details on getting the latest sounds from your Helix.