Lag guitars, or Lâg Guitars started life in 1978 in Occitania, Southern France. Before long – Michel Lâg (the founder of Lag Guitars), already a talented guitarist and singer became an experienced luthier and decided to open up a genuine lutherie workshop in his grandfather’s old warehouse in Toulouse.

After a short while, Michel Lâg became interested in designing his own models and started with the Lag Guitars Roxanne.

By 1998, the demand for Lag Guitars was higher than ever so the company decided to move to Bedarieux in order to increase their output and meet this ever going demand.

In the early part of the 21st century, due to the problems in the economic climate, Lag Guitars hit some troubles before Gérard Garnier, founder of the Algam group (a French leader in manufacturing musical instruments) stepped in.

This gave Lag guitars a new start and they were able to continue consistently producing high quality guitars. The partnership between Michel Lag and Gerard Garnier saw Lag Guitars producing some incredible instruments and the Tramontane acoustic guitars won several awards.

More recently, Lag Guitars produced the Roxane Racing collection which took influence from some of the most beautiful racing cars in the world and the legendary Roxanne guitar and has since been described as “the best guitars in the world” by Motorhead’s Phil Campbell.

With Lag guitars working closely with Kurt Hendrick, a guitar manufacturing expert from America and Gerard Garnier’s son, Benjamin Garnier – a new deal was struck with a more affordable range of Lag guitars being manufactured in China, delivering the great quality you’d expect from Lag guitars but at a price that will be able to reach a much wider audience.

Lag guitars now produce instruments with the best minds and guitar craftsmanship in China, the US and France.

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