Founded in the 1970s, Kramer Guitars set out with a mission – to challenge Gibson and Fender as a world-wide leader in electric guitar and bass manufacturing.

Fast-Playing, Face-Melting, And Mind-Blowing Guitars

Kramer Guitars started out in Neptune, New Jersey back in 1976 and delivered early designs featuring guitars and basses with aluminium necks, Ebanol fretboards and unique “turning for head” headstocks.

To further set themselves apart from the competition, Kramer Guitars came equipped with certain high-end features as standard such as specially wound DiMarzio pickups and Schaller machine heads and bridges.

Used By Some Of Hair Metal's Biggest Names!

In the 1980s, Kramer began to produce guitars with wooden necks and their signature “beak” headstock and an early version of the Rockinger tremolo – this innovative design allowed players to perform extreme tremolo bends without going out of tune.

Next, Eddie Van Halen and Kramer Guitars entered an extremely fruitful relationship. With Eddie Van Halen customising his stage and studio guitars and endlessly searching for a guitar will stay in tune no matter how extreme his bends were, Kramer stepped in at an excellent time. Kramer Guitars became synonymous with Eddie Van Halen who was the most popular rock guitarist in the world.

Evolved To Perfection

After perfecting the Rockinger tremolo system, working with famed custom pickup designer Seymour Duncan, who now outfit all Kramer instruments and Schaller locking tuners being installed on all American made models, Kramer guitars really hit their stride and expanded their list of endorsements with guitarists such as Mick Mars of Motley Crue and Vivian Campbell of Whitesnake.

Following on from that, a legion of famous guitarists such as Tom Morello and Richie Sambora and Vivian Campbell have used Kramer Guitars to become the incredible players they are.