Korala have made a name for themselves by producing great value ukuleles that are full of character.

The PUC-20 and PUC-30 Korala ukuleles in particular provide incredible performance and great looks at an extremely affordable price.

Also known as the Korala Explore or Poly Uke, these ukuleles come in an assortment of vibrant colours and striking designs so that you can get the right ukulele to match your style.

Their price for performance represents incredible value making them great ukuleles for beginners too! Pioneering the use of polycarbonate in their creation, these Korala ukuleles are also resistant to problems caused by temperature changes and feature high quality machineheads for precise and secure tuning of your strings.

Shop for our range of Korala Ukuleles at PMT Online - a selection of Fun and Exciting Ukulele colours suitable for children and first time players, made at the highest quality.


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