Jackson Guitars was founded in 1980 by Grover Jackson, with manufacturing facilities now based across the USA, Mexico, Indonesia and China.

Built with speed in mind, typically favoured by the guitarist that loves Rock & Metal in particular!

You only have to look at Jackson’s artist roster to see that their players are some of the biggest bands in the business. Who can argue with the likes of Anthrax’s Scott Ian, Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith and Phil Collen from Def Leppard?


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  • How good are Jackson guitars?

    Jackson guitars are used by professionals across the world due to their high-quality construction and commitment to innovative design.
  • What strings do Jackson guitars come with?

    Most new Jackson guitars come fitted with .009 gauge sets. Full details can be found on the product page of each guitar model, so check to make sure before buying.
  • How do you identify a Jackson guitar model?

    To identify a Jackson guitar model, first find the serial number. This can be used to identify the exact model guitar. Serial numbers will be placed on the neck plate of bolt-on guitars or on the last fret of a set-neck instrument.