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G&L Guitars is one of the world's most historic electric guitar brands, forged between two friends who met back in 1947 right before a booming Electronics and Music industry. The celebrated collaboration between Leo Fender and George Fullerton has produced some of the world's most popular and treasured guitars and amplifiers.


With G&L Guitars, Leo Fender and George Fullerton introduced a whole host of innovative technologies that modern players still hold in esteem. Why? G&L still 'make them like they used to' - a phrase often touted by guitar enthusiasts when we reminisce on legendary guitars from the past.

The G&L Journey starts as far back as 1948, in their quest to build a solid-body electric guitar. This would be the Broadcaster guitar - a precursor for the legendary Telecaster in the following years. The first man to pick up G&L's solid-body 'Nocaster' was the famous Jimmy Bryant at the Riverside Rancho club in Los Angeles. The world of music would be changed forever!

Following the success of the Telecaster in the early 1950's, Leo and George worked towards a solid-body electric bass. This would become the now-legendary Precision Bass. Alongside the iconic Bassman amplifier, G&L had what they needed to handle the monstorous low end of the new Rock n Roll sound of the 50s.


If you were to visit the G&L Guitars factory on Fender Avenue today, you would think you just walked out of a time machine into 1955. In the day and age of computer-controlled PLEK construction and CNC machines, G&L have somehow managed to retain the life and soul of building guitars by hand. Instead, at G&L you'll find human beings - winding pickups, shaping necks and painting bodies. The result is evident in the feel of the final instrument. You can tell it has been nurtured through every step of the building process by people that know, and love, guitars.


In his quest for the perfect guitars, Leo Fender designed and developed a host of new hardware and electronics, many of which are still used by G&L in their guitars today. These include the Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato, Saddle-lock Bridge, Magnetic Field Design pickups (both single coil and humbucker), and the PTB Tone system. George's design of the three-bolt neck is perfect. If you want big sustain - buy a G&L!


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