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Following in the footsteps of the Fender Mexican-made Classic and Classic Player Series, the Fender Vintera Series adds additional colour options, newly voiced decade-specific pickups, neck profiles, and the introduction of quirky body shapes like the Mustang.


The Fender Vintera series reimagines, consolidates, and replaces the Classic series, which had included Classic Player, Road Worn, and Baja models.

Much like its 'big brother' (the American Original series), Vintera combines the best features of decades past to create inspiring and authentic testaments to the Fender history. For many of the decade-correct models, there’s also a 'Modified' counterpart version that offers upgraded features and hotter pickups.

With the Vintera series, Fender has curated the best of each decade to create a fresh take on their vintage models. Each guitar embodies the period-specific vibe that will motivate modern-day musicians to explore the limits of their musical creativity.


Fender has an unbroken legacy of equipping artists with guitars and basses that have helped define each and every decade of popular music. The sounds and styles of these past generations continue to inspire today’s players to create their own authentic sonic identity.

Featuring a wider variety of spec configurations than any other Fender lineup, the Vintera Series makes historical Fender guitars available to those who want something other than the trademark Stratocaster and Telecaster. As well as these iconic body shapes, Vintera also features a Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Mustang, Precision Bass, Jazz Bass, and Mustang Bass model.


The Vintera Series is Fender's vintage-style product made in Ensenada, Mexico. For guitarists who prefer the look and feel of a vintage-style Fender, but want something more accessible and affordable than American Original or Custom Shop guitars - Vintera is for you!

Located approximately 180 miles south of Fullerton where Fender began, Ensenada is a thriving city on the coast of Baja, Mexico. The Ensenada Fender factory has employed many of its guitar builders for over 20 years. The quality and value of Mexican-made Fender guitars and basses are exceptional, and it is the highly skilled and motivated team of guitar builders that makes it so.


Fender Vintera represents the perfect lineup to introduce players to the legacy models that put Fender on the map. This series features two types of models: Vintage Spec and Modified. The popular '50s, '60s, and '70s Stratocaster and Telecaster Designs all feature as staples of the series, each with a Modified for those that appreciate classic specifications.


The Fender Vintera Vintage spec models will feature era-correct specs such as new era-specific pickups, and era-specific neck profiles, including a 7.25' radius and vintage frets. Vintera Vintage Models are available in an array of vintage colors, with vintage-correct neck tints to match.


The Vintera Modified models will look vintage but will have modern playability. These modified guitars feature new 'Hot' vintage-style pickups, Modern 'C' neck shape, 9.5' radius and medium jumbo frets, and Special Tone-switching controls. The Modified Guitars also feature the same array of vintage colors and neck tints as the Vintage Models.