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Cole Clark

Since they were established in 2001, Australian guitar makers Cole Clark Guitars have been producing tonally-unique instruments for the modern player.

Premium-Grade Instruments From Melbourne, Australia

Each and every one of their instruments is a combination of classical construction and innovative design, with sustainably-sourced timbers, and the world's most natural-sounding pickup.

Unique Construction

Part of the unique sound and reliability of Cole Clark guitars is down to their usage of a Spanish Heel neck join, as opposed to the more traditional dovetail and glue connection.

With the Spanish Heel, the neck actually extends into the body of the guitar, as far as the soundhole - a feature that's more common on Spanish-made guitars, hence the name - and delivers not only a unique sound but also increased sustain and reliability.

In addition to this heel, these guitars also feature a carved top and back, as well as a ridge system to join the sides to the top and back, as opposed to kerfing.

Innovative Electronics

Another key feature with all Cole Clark electro-acoustic guitars is their patented 3-way pickup system - widely regarded as the most acoustic sounding pickup available.

This system comprises of different elements which each only pick up on the frequencies they are best equipped to handle, and utilises six loaded under-saddle piezo pickups for the bottom end, a face sensor that can be blended in to hear mid to high range frequencies, and a shelved condenser mic that only picks up the extreme high end.

To control each of these elements you have the analogue 3-way preamp, which allows you to blend in each element accordingly, and produce that "Cole Clark Sound" which is recognisable to players the world over.

Environmentally Responsible TImbers

From the very beginning, Cole Clark Guitars have shown a commitment to using only native sustainable tonewoods in the construction of their instruments.

Not only does this result in benefits for the environment, but it means that each Cole Clark guitar features a unique look and unusual (but great) tonal characteristics.

Shop Cole Clark At PMT

Cole Clark Guitars are a relatively new brand at PMT Online, but we already have quite a large selection for you to choose from.

Whether it's the Dreadnought-style Fat Lady, the Grand Auditorium-style Angel, or a miniature-Dreadnought Little Lady, we have the ideal Cole Clark guitar for you!

Want to buy one but can't see it listed on our website? Then get in touch with our Online Sales Team today, and we'll see what we can do for you!