Established under the Sinvertek Electronic Company umbrella in Beijing, 2012, the CKK brand set out from the very start to provide a range of high-quality, affordable effects pedals and cables for guitar players.


Their mission statement consistently guides them to accept only the best results in their search for the perfect guitar sound: each and every pedal they develop should offer a combination of superior tone quality, stability and functionality, resulting in stompboxes that are perfectly suited for both live and studio use.

Cut to 2017, and CKK Electronic are now producing a superior range of classic and affordable effects units, covering all of the basics: distortion, overdrive, delay, chorus and more! Despite the brand being relatively new to PMT, we're pleased to be able to bring their products to our customers, and are eagerly awaiting their upcoming Premium pedal range with bated breath!

Check out some of their awesome products at PMT Online, and if there's a product of theirs we don't seem to sell, get in touch with our sales team anyway, as there's every chance we may be able to order it in for you!

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