Charvel Electric Guitars

Charvel, a pinnacle of high-performance guitars, offers unmatched playability and style. With a legacy stemming from the '70s, Charvel guitars are renowned for their sleek design and precision engineering. Crafted for speed and precision, they fuse classic aesthetics with modern innovations, making them a favorite among guitarists across genres.

Celebrated for their fast necks and exceptional tonal versatility, Charvel guitars stand as a testament to quality and innovation. Elevate your playing with a Charvel guitar – a symbol of craftsmanship and sonic excellence that continues to shape the landscape of high-performance instruments.


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The 1980s is when Charvel really came to prominence due to their popularity with a great number of famous heavy metal and rock guitarists. Guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Vinnie Vincent of Kiss and Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister are all famous Charvel players that helped to boost the popularity of Charvel guitars in the 80s.

The early 2000s saw a major comeback for Charvel guitars with the introduction of US made Charvel San Dimas guitars which capture the California origins of Charvel and boast high quality builds and performance. High-end appointments come as standard on most Charvel guitars; really setting them apart from lesser instruments. Some of these features include compound radius fretboards, Floyd Rose bridge and tremolo systems, custom electronics with extremely hot pickups and heavy-duty hardware.

For over forty years since their creation, Charvel guitars has continued to innovate and impress. From the Pro Mod San Dimas guitars to the incredible Charvel Govan Signature guitar and Desolation models there is a Charvel guitar for everyone. With exceptional performance and a devotion to killer tone there is a reason that Charvel guitars are loved by so many and have lasted so long.


  • How good are Charvel guitars?

    Charvel guitars are renowned for their high-build quality and innovative design. They are used by professional players across the world due to the exceptional standard that they offer.
  • What types of music are Charvel guitars good for?

    Charvel guitars are very versatile and can play a wide-range of genres. Rock players in particular will enjoy the fast necks and iconic designs.
  • Are Charvel guitars good for metal?

    Charvel guitars are great for metal. Look for models that have high-output humbuckers, compound radius necks, and rolled fingerboard edges - all design choices aimed at players looking to shred.