Studio Series

These amps are loud, versatile and super lightweight. Perfect for the bass players who want to cut the weight, but none of the tone. The Ashdown Combo - Studio Series were engineered from the ground up by Ashdown for that purpose and is suitable for practice, rehearsal and small gigs.


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The ultimate home practice amp. The Ashdown Studio-8 30w bass combo is up there with the most portable, studio ready, bass combos Ashdown has ever produced. This new amplifier combines a newly designed 8” NEO speaker with a fantastic lightweight cabinet design. Which makes it perfect for quiet practice or studio work.


The Ashdown Studio-15 300w Bass amplifier is the lightest 300w combo amplifier that Ashdown has ever made. It’s all new design incorporates an incredibly lightweight Studio NEO 15” speaker inside an eco-friendly, lightweight cabinet. This amp is both portable and practical, while still providing those all important tones you would expect from an Ashdown amplifier.


The Ashdown Studio Junior is ideal for both complete beginners and touring musicians that are looking for a portable option for practice and rehearsal backstage. Don’t be fooled by this amp’s stature, it is more than capable of providing a vibrant array of sounds and tones.


Looking for a combo amp that will be more than a match for heavy practice sessions and medium-sized gigs? The Ashdown Studio 210 could be perfect for you. This Ashdown amp features a pair of custom made, lightweight 2x 10” NEO speakers with a powerful 300 watts of output. Engineered from the ground up to deliver the goods on any stage.