Antelope Audio

Antelope Audio

Antelope Audio specialise in producing high end digital audio equipment.

Utilising proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking and Oven Controlled Jitter management, Antelope Audio equipment delivers high-definition audio that satisfies both professional audio engineers and those in the audiophile community.

Some of the most popular gear released by Antelope Audio include their Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces such as the Discrete 4 and Discrete 8.

The Antelope Audio Orion series of audio interfaces are also noteworthy, with the Orion Studio, Orion Studio HD, Orion32 HD and more being at the core of top studios around the world.

PMT Online are proud to stock a wide range of Antelope Audio gear which can be ordered online or bought in our stores found across the UK.


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