Getting the best entry-level guitar to start your musical journey can ignite enthusiasm in first-time players, encouraging them to engage with their instrument and refine their craft. Even more so, having a six-string that’s inspired by your favourite iconic player’s guitar of choice is bound to strengthen their interest further.

This is where the Legends Series by Antiquity Guitars comes in, providing a must-have range of guitars to inspire the next generation of musicians at a reasonable cost whilst giving faithful nods to some of the most iconic guitars that have been seen during live shows and used in studios. 

Crafted with the same spirit that rocketed Rock and Roll into the public eye throughout the decades, these instruments provide beginners an opportunity to embark on their musical journey with their dream guitar without the harsh price tag.

Brimming with personality and offering endless playability, the Legends Series seamlessly blends a captivating sound with timeless design, all at an unparalleled value. It pays tribute to some of the most recognisable 4-string and 6-string instruments ever seen on classic albums and the stage.

Even intermediate and advanced players will find value in the homage designs, pleasing tone, and effortless playability of these instruments, positioning them as excellent backup options and convenient studio choices.

Let's explore the diverse range of offerings from the Legends Series by Antiquity Guitars.


Within the Antiquity lineup, you'll discover distinct emulated designs that instantly evoke familiarity, delivering the expected tones synonymous with these iconic styles, such as:

  • Antiquity Legends TS-MS1-SN Electric Guitar
  • Antiquity Legends BA-R1 White Electric Guitar
  • Antiquity Legends WS ST2 White Electric Guitar
  • Antiquity Legends VB-MC1 Sunburst Bass Guitar 
  • Antiquity Legends PF-ST2 Electric Guitar

Get to know the models and their features below…

Antiquity Legends TS-MS1-SN Electric Guitar

Embark on a nostalgic journey through musical history with the Antiquity Legends TS-MS1-SN Electric Guitar in its captivating Metallic Blue hue. This offset guitar seamlessly merges throwback charm with contemporary precision, offering a fresh perspective on sonic traditions. 

Adorned with a 3-Ply Tortoiseshell Maroon pickguard, the iconic aesthetics pay homage to a bygone musical era. The Maple neck, boasting a Standard "C" profile and an Indian Laurel fretboard, ensures optimal playability with a comfortable touch. With a shorter 24" scale length and 22 frets, this guitar encourages exploration and creative expression. 

Its versatile tonal palette, featuring a Humbucker at the bridge position and a Single Coil at the neck, spans from crisp highs to resonant lows, capturing your unique musical vision. Crafted from Poplar, the balanced tonal response of the body is enhanced by Cream Dot inlays on the Indian Laurel fretboard, adding both visual appeal and functionality. Chrome hardware provides reliability and stability, making this guitar not only visually striking but also a trustworthy companion for any grunge-inspired beginner.

In a Nutshell:

- 24” Short Scale.
- Versatile Pickup Single Coil and Humbucker Design.
- Metallic Blue Finish.

Antiquity Legends BA-JR1 Electric Guitar

Rebel and rock out all night with the Antiquity Legends BA-JR1 Electric Guitar, a tribute to a modern icon that seamlessly blends sleek aesthetics with modern precision. In striking White, this single-cutaway guitar exudes style, accentuated by a Special Shape Black Single-Ply pickguard for a touch of sophistication.

Crafted for optimal playability, the Maple neck with an Indian Laurel fretboard, adorned with Cream Dot inlays, ensures a comfortable and dynamic playing experience. The Standard "C" profile facilitates ease of navigation, complemented by a 24.75" scale length and 22 frets for musical exploration.

Unleash authentic tones with the single P90 pickup, capturing warm, vintage-inspired sounds and punchy, raw textures with remarkable clarity. The Poplar body contributes to a balanced tonal response, while the White Gloss neck back and Black Gloss headstock add visual distinction.

Reliable chrome hardware finish not only complements the sleek aesthetics but also ensures durability and stability, making the Antiquity Legends BA-R1 Electric Guitar an ideal choice for both seasoned musicians and aspiring players.

In a nutshell:

Sophisticated, Classic Look
Comfortable C-Shape Maple Neck
Single P90 Pickup, Delivering Warm, Vintage-Inspired Sounds

Antiquity Legends WS-ST2 Electric Guitar, White

Step into the psychedelic realms of the past with the Antiquity Legends WS-ST2 Electric Guitar. This vintage-inspired S-Style instrument, adorned in pristine White, captures the timeless essence of a bygone era.

Designed for player comfort, the Maple neck and Maple fretboard with Cream Dot inlays offer a smooth playing experience, complemented by the Standard "C" profile. The Natural finish along the neck's back central line and head adds a visually appealing touch.

Explore a dynamic tonal range with the trio of 3 x Single Coil pickups, delivering everything from bright, articulate highs to warm, resonant lows. Crafted with a Poplar body, this guitar achieves a balanced tonal response, while Cream Dot inlays on the Maple fretboard enhance both aesthetics and functionality. In addition, featuring reliable chrome hardware, this guitar not only embodies vintage aesthetics but also ensures durability and stability. 

In a Nutshell:

Classic S-Style Design
Trio of Single Coil Pickups
Natural Maple Neck Finish

Antiquity Legends VB-MC1 Bass Guitar

Set off on a throwback journey with the Antiquity Legends VB-MC1 Bass Guitar, a vintage-inspired violin-style instrument that pays homage to iconic melodies of yesteryear. The captivating 3-Tone Sunburst finish and White Pearl, Single-Ply pickguard evoke the charm of a golden musical era.

Crafted for playability, the Maple neck, and Indian Laurel fretboard with Cream Dot inlays ensure a comfortable experience. The STANDARD C profile, 25.42" scale length, and 22 frets invite versatile exploration of bass tones.

Unleash a rich tonal palette with 2 x Mini Humbuckers, capturing vintage bass soundscapes with clarity and depth. The Maple construction ensures a balanced tonal response, complemented by Ivory White, Single Line binding for a touch of refinement.

Reliable chrome hardware not only enhances the vintage aesthetics but also ensures durability and stability. The Antiquity Legends VB-MC1 Bass Guitar invites bassists to explore a spectrum of sonic possibilities, delivering timeless allure in both design and performance.

In a Nutshell:

Iconic Violin Design
Vintage Tone
Standard C Profile Neck

Antiquity Legends PF-ST2 Electric Guitar, Black

Set off on the dark side of a sonic journey with the Antiquity Legends PF-ST2 Electric Guitar, a vintage-inspired masterpiece with classic S-Style design in a slick black finish. The single-ply pickguard adds nostalgic charm to its aesthetic allure.

Crafted to perform, the Maple neck's natural finish ensures a comfortable playing experience, while the Standard "C" profile and 12.5'380mm radius facilitate seamless fretting for musicians of all levels.

Sonic exploration is seamless with 3 x Single Coil pickups, capturing a versatile range of tones from crisp highs to warm lows with precision.

Quality build is guaranteed with the Poplar body for balanced tonal response, while the absence of binding maintains a clean, classic aesthetic. Black dot inlays on the Maple fretboard add elegance and functionality.

Reliable chrome hardware enhances the guitar's aesthetic and ensures durability, making the Antiquity Legends PF-ST2 a trustworthy companion for your musical journey, designed to endure the test of time.

In a Nutshell:

Classic S-Style Design
Trio of Single Coil Pickups
Natural Maple Neck Finish

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