Here at Play Music Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that analogue audio titans, Universal Audio, are now available once again in-store and online. 

Going forward, you will be able to purchase a wide array of UA’s impressive products directly from Play Music Today, whether it’s analogue audio equipment such as microphones, audio interfaces and pedals.

About Universal Audio

Universal Audio, often referred to as UA, is a renowned name in the world of professional audio equipment and recording technology. With a storied history dating back to the 1950s, UA has consistently delivered top-notch analogue and digital audio processors, interfaces, and software plugins. 

Their commitment to preserving the vintage sound of classic analogue gear while embracing modern digital innovation has made them an essential choice for audio professionals and musicians alike. 

Universal Audio's products are highly regarded for their exceptional audio quality and the ability to add a touch of vintage warmth and character to latter-day audio productions, making them an industry standard in the realm of audio recording and production.

Now we’ve talked about the brand itself, let’s talk about some of their amazing equipment!

Universal Audio UAFX Range

VOLT Series

For users looking to effortlessly record studio quality whether they’re using a Mac/PC, iPad or iPhone, the Volt audio interface range is the essential choice for both artists and producers alike. 

Ideal for recording everything from your next song idea, live streams and even podcasts, the Volt range offers immersive analogue audio quality that’s guaranteed to take their production to new heights.

Universal Audio Volt Series

Volt 1

The Universal Audio Volt 1 stands out as a compact USB audio interface, boasting a single input and dual outputs. It incorporates a vintage mic preamp mode and offers top-tier audio conversion capabilities, ensuring professional-grade sound quality. 

Thanks to its bus-powered design, you can effortlessly capture podcasts, music, and live streams from virtually anywhere, whether you're using a PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Universal Audio Volt 1

Volt 2

The Universal Audio Volt 2 presents a compact USB audio interface, offering two inputs and two outputs for your recording needs. It's equipped with an integrated vintage mic preamp mode and top-notch audio conversion, ensuring a professional audio experience. With its bus-powered architecture, you have the freedom to record podcasts, music, and livestreams from any location using a PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Volt 176

The Universal Audio Volt 176 USB Audio Interface is a compact and exceptionally clear 1-in/2-out interface that's perfect for lighting your creative spark or enhancing your music production journey. With its impressive 24-bit processing and a high 192kHz sampling frequency, the Volt 176 USB captures every nuance of your performance with remarkable precision. 

On the input side, it features an integrated analogue 1176-style compressor circuit, adding punch and depth to your tracks before they even hit your computer's CPU, reducing the processing load on your DAW. This portable interface is a vocalist's dream, offering a Vintage Mic Preamp mode inspired by the classic UA 610 tube preamplifier, delicately shaping and enriching your vocal recordings with warmth and subtle saturation. With the Volt 176, you have everything you need to be album-ready, all in one compact package.

Universal Audio 176 Audio Interface

UAFX Series

Utilising robust processor engines and Universal Audio's well-established prowess in analog modeling, the UAFX Guitar Pedals offer a level of sonic authenticity that sets them apart from conventional stompboxes. 

Explore a range of vintage tones, from acclaimed amp emulations to timeless reverbs, delays, modulation effects, and compressors. Immerse yourself in genuine vintage sounds that will redefine your musical experience, delivering a level of authenticity that is truly exceptional.


Universal Audio UAFX Pedal Range

Dream ‘65 Amp Pedal

Experience the quintessential American tube amp sound with the Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier Pedal. Equipped with rich reverb and lush vibrato, you have the power to craft an authentic vintage tone. Leveraging top-tier UAD modelling, this amp simulator is proficient in delivering pristine cleans, captivating transitions from clean to overdrive, and notably impressive spring reverb.

Whether your musical preference leans towards funk, blues, rock, or pop, this pedal effortlessly encapsulates the core of various genres and situates them within distinct and captivating environments.

Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65 Reverb Pedal

Starlight Delay Pedal

The Universal Audio Starlight Delay Pedal is the result of the exceptional craftsmanship of Universal Audio's renowned team of developers and engineers. It captures the essence of three timeless sounds, ranging from the vintage '60s slap-back effect to the ethereal swells reminiscent of Eno, each of which has left an indelible mark on countless iconic artists and legendary albums over the span of 70 years.

Encased within a single, robust housing, this pedal empowers you to infuse your setup with the unmistakable Universal Audio sonic character. The need for interfaces, accelerators, or DSP power is a thing of the past; both the stage and studio become your creative playground. Whether you're on tour or recording in a remote location without your usual gear, this pedal seamlessly integrates into your pedalboard. Achieving stellar sounds has never been easier – simply engage the pedal and explore its delay settings to discover the one that resonates with your artistic vision. With the adjustable mix control, you can effortlessly achieve the ideal balance between wet and dry signals, ensuring your tonal integrity remains uncompromised.

Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station

For more information on the Universal Audio range, call us on 0151 448 2089 or check out your local store to speak to one of our Experts about your needs.