Find out which Blackstar amplifier is the right one for you with our comprehensive guide into their current product range. 

Becoming one of the most prominent British guitar amp brands in the past 16 years among professional and novice guitar players, Blackstar has built a reputation for offering high-quality designs to meet the requirements of the modern player, whether they’re onstage or playing in their bedroom either playing on a stage or in their bedroom.

With a vast selection of products released over the years, such as the Artisan range, the Series One range and the HT Venue series to name a few, it’s fair to say it’s tricky for many guitarists to know which amp best suits their playing, as each model has specs and features that meet the needs of a variety of musicians. In this blog, we’ll go through the current releases from Blackstar and which amplifier is the best for you, so let’s dive in!

Blackstar History

Formed back in 2007 by four bandmates in a pub; Bruce Keir, Ian Robinson, Paul Hayhoe and Richard Frost were amp specialists within the already-established amplifier company, Marshall. With over 50 years of experience in the group, the four of them believed that there was more to be explored within the guitar amplifier world. After two and a half years of extensive technical research and development, Blackstar was born.

Not long after, the innovative guitar amplifier brand could be seen being used by some of the most prestigious players, such as Phil Collen of Def Leppard, Richie Sambora, Opeth and many more. Since then, Blackstar amplifiers have become a staple for many touring bands’ backlines, becoming a part of some of the most praised releases over the past decade.

AMPED Series

Portable and incredibly compact, the Blackstar AMPED range suits any pre-existing pedalboard rig, catering to musicians seeking a portable 100W amplifier solution. This makes AMPED models ideal for those who prefer not to lug around backline gear for their performances, without compromising on consistent sound quality night after night. Each AMPED model is tailored to specific player profiles, which are as follows… 


The Blackstar Amped 1 offers a compact, pedalboard-friendly format for a professional-grade 100-watt guitar amplifier. This pedal has the power to convert any rig, modeling setup, or multi-effects system into a stage-ready amplifier, ensuring you can carry your preferred sounds wherever your music takes you.

In addition, its versatile USB-C connectivity and the ability to operate at 1 watts make it suitable for both studio work and live performances.

The Response control provides five unique,  genuine power valve responses: KT88, 6L6, EL34, 6V6, and EL84. Each of these settings imparts the distinctive response, dynamics, sag, and breakup qualities associated with the chosen valve power amplifier.

The Linear response offers transparent power amplification, which is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the Flat voice when connecting your AMPED 1 to an external amp modeller.

Blackstar Amped 1


With onboard drive pedals upfront and an advanced onboard effects processor capable of replicating the tone and responsiveness of a classic valve amplifier, the impressive Amped 2 offers versatile connectivity. 

Setting up at shows has never been easier. Users can connect their Amped 2 directly to a speaker cabinet, link it to the input of a conventional amplifier, integrate it with a venue's Front of House system, or even plug it directly into a home studio computer via USB.

Not only that, it includes a Power Reduction feature that can be adjusted to as low as 1W, perfect for those hushed home practice sessions.

Blackstar Amped 2


What do you get when you combine a compact solid-state amplifier designed for pedalboards, featuring three switchable channels, with various voicing options, a 100-watt output, and built-in reverb? Look no further than the Blackstar Amped 3!

Thanks to its unique high-headroom power amp design, this pedalboard-friendly amplifier is a go-to choice for players seeking the kind of ultra-high gain tones typically associated with a Blackstar Series One valve amplifier. What's more, it boasts premium features that make it suitable for both live performances and studio recording.

Additionally, you can harness the cutting-edge digital processing power of CabRig Simulator Technology to replicate the sound and feel of a microphone-captured guitar cabinet. With over 250 microphone and cabinet combinations to choose from, you can achieve the playing experience usually reserved for multi-channel valve amplifier setups.

Blackstar Amped 3

Debut 50R

Presented in both a standard black and attractive cream finish, the Blackstar Debut 50R guitar amplifier stands out as an excellent choice for beginner guitarists seeking a versatile and high-quality amp capable of delivering a wide array of tones.

Boasting a robust 50 watts of power and equipped with a 12" speaker, the Blackstar Debut 50R effortlessly accommodates a spectrum of musical genres, spanning from crisp jazz to gritty hard rock. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, this amplifier proves to be an exceptional option for practice sessions, recording endeavours, or live performances.

The Blackstar Debut 50R epitomises versatility, power, and affordability in a guitar amplifier, offering exceptional sound quality and a rich feature set. It's the perfect choice for musicians seeking a dependable, all-encompassing amplifier suitable for any musical scenario.

The Debut 50R boasts two distinct channels—a clean channel and an overdrive channel—that can be toggled using a footswitch (not included. This enables smooth transitions between different sonic textures. Furthermore, the amplifier incorporates a built-in reverb effect that can be finely tuned to infuse depth and ambience into your sound.

Augmenting the tonal control options, a three-band EQ (comprising bass, middle, and treble) is accompanied by the unique ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control. This ISF control empowers you to tailor the amp's tone precisely, enabling seamless shifts between classic "American" or "British" sounds. This remarkable versatility allows you to achieve your desired sound, whether you're delving into blues, country, metal, or any genre in between.

Blackstar Debut 50RBlackstar Debut 50R
Blackstar Debut 50R

St James Series

When it comes to discussing crucial elements of tone and obtaining that essential “feel” during performances, valve amplifiers undeniably hold their position as the pinnacle benchmark. It is, however, no secret that valve amplifiers producing upwards of 50-watt outputs aren’t the lightest pieces of equipment to manoeuvre. But that's about to change – introducing the St. James Series, the most lightweight 50-watt valve guitar amplifiers on the planet.

Blackstar St. James 50 6L6 Combo Amp, Black

Blackstar St. James 50 EL34 Combo Amp, Fawn


Blackstar St. James 50 6L6H

The Blackstar St. James 50 6L6H, showcased here in its sleek Black tolex covering, stands as an exceptional valve Amplifier Head with two versatile channels and a contemporary aesthetic.

Crafted with a lightweight build and equipped with 6L6 and ECC83 valves, along with an array of modern technology and connectivity options, this 50-Watt guitar head caters to the needs of contemporary performers and recording artists.

Taking its name from one of Northampton's oldest districts, the Blackstar Saint James series emerged after extensive research and development focused on vintage valve amplifiers. It could very well be considered one of the most innovative and best-sounding 50-watt valve amplifiers ever crafted.


Blackstar St. James 50 6L6H

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