Blackstar Series One 200 Head
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Blackstar Series One 200 Head Blackstar Series One 200 Head Blackstar Series One 200 Head

Blackstar Series One 200 Head

The Blackstar Series One 200 Head is a powerful 200 Watt high-gain amplifier, with four selected KT88 power valves at its heart, and of..

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The Blackstar Series One 200 Head is a powerful 200 Watt high-gain amplifier, with four selected KT88 power valves at its heart, and offers an incredible amount of dynamics and head-room.

Sets New Standards In Tonal Flexibility

Since 2009 Blackstar amplifiers have been setting the guitar-playing world alight, raising the bar at every price level.

With the Series One lineup, Blackstar have more versatility than ever on offer, and they've even included the phenomenal ISF control.

Blackstar Series One 200 Head Highlights

  • 200 Watt head with built-in DPR power reduction
  • 4 x ECC83, 1 x ECC82, 4 x KT88 valves
  • 4 footswitchable channels
  • Clean channel with Warm (Plexi) and Bright (Class A) type modes
  • Crunch channel with Crunch and Super Crunch modes
  • Two overdrive channels with high and low output damping
  • Two ISF equipped tone control sections
  • Presence and Resonance controls
  • Master Volume
  • Series effects loop
  • MIDI switching
  • Speaker emulated output

ISF Control

The ISF control works in conjunction with the Tone control. It allows you to choose the exact tone signature you prefer.

Fully CCW is a more American characteristic with a tight bottom end and more aggressive middle, and fully CW is a British characteristic which is more ‘woody’ and less aggressive.

DRP Control

The DPR system allows you to vary the amplifier output down to 10% of its rated power without any loss in tone or valve reliability.

Pure valve output distortion and compression at any volume - a dream come true.


The Series One offers the ability to control channel selection via MIDI Program Change messages and interfacing with most MIDI controllers is a straight forward process.

This amp can be placed in a MIDI chain allowing you to simultaneously select a channel on the amplifier and change the patch on a MIDI effects processor connected to the effects loop.

There are 128 available Program Changes, giving you the possibility to access a vast number of tonal combinations.

Solid Construction

All Series One amplifiers have plated through double sided PCBs for the increased mechanical integrity this construction affords.

Designed to last a lifetime, Series One cabinets have a 18mm finger-jointed birch ply cabinet and heavy gauge wiring. The chassis, for mechanical integrity, are seam welded 1.6mm steel.

Emulated Speaker Output

The Blackstar emulated output design is a new benchmark for pro direct recording.

This no-compromise design makes it easy to get your tone to disk and tape. You can also use it to run a line out to a PA.

Effects Loop

The amp features an effects loop to allow you to connect effects pedals or other professional equipment using the return and send connections.

The Effects Loop Level switch sets the effects loop to either +4dBV/-10dBV, which enables you to use it with either professional equipment (+4dBV setting), or with guitar level effects such as effects pedals (-10dBV setting).

Blackstar Series One 200 Head Specs


  • Product Range: Series One
  • Model: Series One 200
  • Technology Type: Valve


  • Preamp Valves: 4 x ECC83, 1 x ECC82
  • Poweramp Valves: 4 x KT88


  • Wattage: 200
  • Inputs: Guitar Input
  • Controls: Clean Gain, Clean Volume, Crunch Gain, Crunch Volume, Overdrive 1 Gain, Overdrive 1 Volume, Overdrive 2 Gain, Overdrive 2 Volume, Bass x 2, Middle x 2, Treble x 2, ISF x 2, Resonance, Presence, Master Volume, DPR
  • Channels: 4 - Clean, Crunch, OD 1, OD 2


  • Weight: 27.2KG
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 705 x 285 x 278.5 (mm)


Weight (kg)32.2500
Warranty2 years
Seriesseries one range
Power200 watts
Amp Typevalve / tube amplifier

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