JBL Professional’s portable PA range has a full overhaul of new great sounding, full-featured all-in-one & traditional point source PA speakers

As one of the world’s largest and most successful speaker brands, with professional systems specified for the global touring circuit, in theatres and also installed as the main performance system in many of the world’s most famous venues - including many UK football stadia such as the Tottenham Hotspur stadium - it’s fair to say JBL know a thing or two about sound!

In this blog we’ll give you an overview of the updated portable PA range including the iconic EON Series, and highlight some of the key technologies and features (including a 7 year warranty on most models!) that make JBL a great choice for your next PA, whether you are a singer/songwriter, DJ or touring band!


JBL EON One Compact

With a compact form-factor and weighing just 8kg, the JBL EON ONE Compact has enough power to easily reproduce your voice or music to a good-sized crowd. It sounds incredibly natural and transparent, with a single 8” driver providing surprisingly powerful low-end, a 1” tweeter for high-frequencies, delivering a 112dB maximum output level.

Its built-in digital mixer features 2 Mic/Line inputs (with 48v Phantom Power option), a HI-Z/line ¼" jack input, and a stereo playback source via Bluetooth 5.0 streaming or 1/8” stereo jack input. There’s a 1/8” headphone output and a line output pass-through to connect multiple units.

The powerful digital mixer features Lexicon Reverb/Chorus/Delay FX that can be controlled on the unit itself or via a dedicated iOS and Android app.

The EON ONE Compact is designed to be angled on the floor like a wedge, stood upright on a surface, or mounted on a tripod. It’s easy to carry thanks to its integrated handle and easily fits on a car seat, tube, or bus!

With a rechargeable built-in battery offering up to 12-hours use, the EON ONE Compact is a true multi-purpose solution, ideal for singer-songwriters or buskers, but also perfect for any use where great-sounding, easily controllable portable audio is needed - gyms, yoga, education, or simply music playback!


Next up is the EON ONE MK2. This is a larger, more-powerful portable column speaker, also with a built-in rechargeable battery, and utilising JBL’s line-array technology.

The EON ONE MK2 also features a built-in digital mixer, this time with 5 channels: 3 Mic/Line inputs (2 with optional 48v phantom power), Bluetooth 5.0 streaming, as well as audio passthrough.

The EON ONE MK2 system consists of a 10”, low frequency driver unit (that also houses the power amplifier, PSU, and digital mixer) as well as a tall column that contains 8x2” drivers at the that handle Mid and High frequency duties. This line-array technology was developed for high-end, festival-level PA systems and means that EON ONE MK2 features an extremely wide coverage pattern spanning 140° horizontally but only 30° vertically, meaning the audience can hear a clear and focussed sound anywhere in front or to the sides of the PA.

JBL have cleverly split the column into 3 sections that are stored in the rear of the bass unit, meaning the EON ONE MK2 can be transported single-handidly as one unit.

EON ONE MK2 can also be controlled wirelessly using the JBL Pro Connect App for iOS/Android – allowing a performance to be mixed anywhere in the venue and also featuring an even more impressive selection of processing than the EON ONE Compact with the inclusion of Automatic Ducking, Automatic Feedback Suppression, Sub Harmonic Synthesis, as well as Delay effects developed in conjunction with Soundcraft, dbx, and Lexicon.

Providing up to 6 hours of battery life during normal use, the battery can also be easily removed and swapped out during an interval or removed from the array and recharged separately at home with an optional charging accessory.

The EON ONE MK2 is an amazing option for solo musicians/ensembles looking for a powerful and portable PA with battery power and wireless control.

It is also backed by JBL’s 7-Year Warranty!


The JBL PRX ONE is the highest-powered offering from the new all-in-one portable PA family and the perfect choice for larger bands or venues. The PRX One is mains powered only, features a 2000w Class-D amplifier, 12x2.5” HF drivers, a single 12” subwoofer. With the extra output power, PRX ONE provides a noticeably higher quality audio output at higher levels, providing the best possible listening experience across the wide 130 degree audience plane.

The PRX ONE also features even more connectivity than the EON ONE MK2 with 4 Mic/Line inputs (2 with optional 48v phantom power), 2 dedicated HI-Z/Line Inputs, a stereo 1/8” input for playback, Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming, as well as an XLR output pass through for linking other speakers.

The PRX ONE features the same EQ, Automatic Ducking, Automatic Feedback Suppression, Sub Harmonic Synthesis found in the EON ONE MK2, but with the addition of dbx Compression on every mixer channel and extensive output EQ . These are features that you would find on a touring-level digital mixer, but they are built directly into the PRX ONE!

Featuring a built-in full colour LCD screen, the PRX ONE can be also controlled wirelessly using the same JBL Pro Connect app for iOS and Android devices, also allowing control of multiple PRX ONE’s as well as multiple EON ONE MK2’s in a larger system.

The PRX ONE weighs in at only 25.7kg for your mixer, power amp, and speaker system combined.

And again, JBL’s 7-Year Warranty is included.

JBL Point Source PA Speakers

JBL EON 700 Series

The JBL EON name has been a staple of live music since it was first released in 1995. The EON 700 range is JBL’s latest and greatest EON series, a perfect blend of power, portability, advanced DSP, app-control, and Bluetooth streaming.

The EON 700 family features a choice of EON710 10”, EON712 12” or EON715 15” full-range models, as well as a dedicated EON718S 18” subwoofer. All three full-range speakers in the family feature the same built-in power amplifier with 1300w peak (650w RMS) power for maximum headroom between the models.

Again, the JBL EON 700 Series is included in JBL's very generous 7 Year Warranty. This industry-leading warranty is a product of JBL’s continuous dedication to quality components and testing that includes a standard 100-hour acoustic stress test, a battery of aging and drop tests and a wide range of stringent, global electronic testing and certification procedures.

The EON710 features a 10” driver in an enclosure that is sized to be portable and lightweight, but it still features the same 2414H compression driver for high-frequencies that can be found on the larger 12-inch (EON712) and 15-inch (EON715) models. The advanced DSP package in each speaker has comprehensive control over EQ, limiters, delay, dbx Automatic Feedback Suppression, ducking and other speaker functions directly from the JBL Pro Connect App for iOS or Android.

With a sleek interface and intuitive functions, it’s very easy to mix the whole show from the app without needing an external mixer or interface for basic functions. When you aren’t mixing live music and microphones, you can always use the EON’s Bluetooth audio streaming between sets of for DJing! And the EON700 Series features True Wireless Stereo technology, so a Bluetooth stream from your device will be reproduced in stereo by a pair of EON700s.

For bands or DJ’s requiring more low-end extension, the EON718S is a single 18” subwoofer with plenty of output. Featuring a 1500w Peak (750w RMS) power amplifier and a rigid plywood enclosure, the EON718s is the perfect complement to the full range speakers with DSP-controlled crossover outputs to manage the frequency division and M20 screw mounts for mounting speakers on top of poles.

With their now iconic moulded ABS enclosures featuring unique feet, mounting points, and ergonomic handles, the EON range packs serious punch for its weight and a serious choice for travelling bands of all sizes.

JBL IRX Series

The IRX range is the entry-level into the world of point-source portable PA speakers from JBL. Offering the simplest user interface with straightforward mic/line connectivity and Bluetooth streaming, the IRX is the perfect choice for smaller bands, solo acts or as monitor solutions for electronic drums or keyboards.

The 8” IRX108BT is small in stature with a custom-moulded ABS enclosure but big in sound with an impressive 124dB SPL output, quick-access EQ presets, as well as Bluetooth Audio streaming for background music or DJing. The IRX’s power is in its flexibility - it's a utility speaker that is at home at the front of a conference room, café, roof terrace, or the boot of a Yoga instructor’s car! There’s a no-nonsense but still comprehensive rear panel with 2 XLR Combi jacks with mic connectivity and preamp Gain controls but there’s also a 4-way EQ preset switch with options for Music, Vocal, and Speech applications as well as a Bass Boost switch that tailors the response of the speaker’s output to suit your desired application. There’s also audio ducking for announcements and feedback suppression if required too!

Completing the range is the IRX112BT that JBL say has been tuned to perform like a 15” driver as well as an IRX115S subwoofer with performance that belies its size with 128dB SPL output level, a built-in switchable-frequency Crossover, as well as thru outputs for correct frequency management when used as part of a larger system.

Whilst being the smallest speaker in the range, the IRX is a perfect option for traveling acoustic acts, small bands, or for use as a monitor at home or on the road.

Next Steps

Whatever your live sound requirement, JBL Professional certainly have a solution for you! Now in-store and online at PMT, contact us on 0151 448 2089 for any further information! Or best of all check stock at your local PMT store and come in and hear for yourself!