Find out everything about the best shred guitars in 2023 - from budget options to high-end tone machines, we've picked our top shred guitars for all players! 

When it comes to the best guitars for shredding, there are certain features and qualities that can make all of the difference.

The best shred guitars will have a fast and comfortable neck for lightning-fast runs and intricate arpeggios. They also need to have pickups that can handle the high-gain distortion that is often associated with shredding, delivering a clear and articulate tone that cuts through the mix.

But it's not just about the neck and pickups - the overall build quality of the guitar is also important. A good shredding guitar should be well-built and durable, able to withstand the rigours of intense playing without losing its tone or falling apart.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preference and your budget. There are plenty of options for every kind of guitarist, and in this blog we’ll be sharing some of our top picks for when you need to shred – keep reading to find out all about them!

Best Guitars for Shredding

Our picks for the best shred guitars in 2023 are:

  • Antiquity GS Guitars
  • Ibanez RG Guitars
  • Schecter Omen Guitars
  • ESP Guitars

Let’s kick things off with our most cost-effective and traditional option...

Antiquity GS Guitars

Recalling the earliest days of heavy metal and the guitars that started it all, the Antiquity GS is the perfect option for beginner shredders, budget-conscious players, and professionals who need a high-quality backup option.

The smooth neck is set within the body for a totally natural feel, and the covered humbuckers allow you to achieve the types of tone that catapulted the likes of Black Sabbath into the mainstream as metal was born.

The familiar design is a permanent favourite across genres and is as popular as ever with those who like the heavier side of music.

If you’re searching for a budget option that gives you the look and sound popularised by the godfathers of metal, then look no further!

You can find all of the Antiquity Guitars at PMT below, as well as our exclusive bundles for beginners:

Ibanez RG Guitars

When it comes to shredding guitars, the Ibanez RG series is one of the most popular choices amongst guitarists who are looking for a high-performance instrument that won't break the bank.

These guitars are known for their lightning-fast playing feel, with slim and flat necks that are perfect for high speed playing.

The Ibanez RG series guitars also feature pickups that can deliver the high-gain tone that shredders crave, making them a great option for playing heavy metal and other styles that require a lot of distortion. Additionally, many models in the RG series feature locking tremolo systems that can help keep the guitar in tune even with aggressive playing.

One of the great things about the Ibanez RG series is that it offers a lot of options at a mid-level budget. You can find models that range in price and specification depending on your needs and budget. Even at the lower end of the price range, these guitars offer a lot of value for the money, with solid construction that will last.

Find out more about the RG series here:

Schecter Omen Guitars

Another great option comes from one of the heavyweights of shredding – Schecter.

The Omen series includes standard 6-string instruments as well as some extended range monsters that are built for high-gain, solos, and the world of metal.

They’re high-output guitars, with a selection of sleek designs that stand out amongst the tried-and-trusted double cutaway shape. With some awesome finishes like the epic See-Thru Blue Burst pictured above, you’ll look and sound the part.

As you’d expect from a trusted name like Schecter, these guitars are made to withstand touring and gigging, and they’re a superb option for dialling-in versatile tones in the studio, too.

Check the entire range out below:

ESP Guitars

If you have a little more budget to play with and are looking for a high-quality guitar that can deliver exceptional performance, an ESP guitar is definitely worth considering. ESP is a renowned brand that is synonymous with high-end instruments, known for their quality craftsmanship, premium components, and exceptional playability.

One of the standout features of ESP guitars is the build quality. These guitars are crafted from high-quality tonewoods, with attention paid to every detail of the construction process. The result is an instrument that not only looks and feels great but also delivers a premium playing experience that can take your shredding to the next level.

Another great feature of ESP guitars is the pickups. These guitars are typically equipped with high-end pickups from manufacturers like Seymour Duncan and EMG, which deliver exceptional tone and clarity. This allows you to achieve a wide range of sounds, from clean and clear to heavily distorted, making them perfect for shredders who need a versatile instrument that can handle any style.

They typically feature thin and fast necks that you’d expect for high-speed playing, with comfortable fingerboards that allow for precise and effortless fretting. This makes them ideal for shredders who demand the very best from their instruments.

To take your shredding to the next level and beyond, check out the full ESP range below:

Final Thoughts

Shred guitars should have a few key features that are essential when it comes to getting the most from high-speed playing.

A fast neck is paramount, but most importantly it should feel comfortable in your hands. You’ll also want to look for pickups that can deliver a wide range of tones, and a guitar that has a solid construction that can withstand heavy playing.

Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or you have a little more budget to play with and are considering a high-end instrument, it's important to keep these key features in mind.

The right shred guitar for you will depend on your playing style, budget, and personal preferences. By considering these key features and taking the time to research and test out different options, you can find a guitar that meets your needs and helps you achieve your shredding goals.

Check out our full range of Metal Guitars below:

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