Discover the best budget Telecaster style guitars and add some twang to your rig - including the best Telecaster copy from Antiquity, Squier and more!

The Fender Telecaster is perhaps the most important guitar in the history of rock’n’roll.

As the world’s first mass-produced solidbody guitar it helped to revolutionise the look and sound of popular music throughout the 1950s and into the following decades. Still as popular as ever, it’s renowned for its distinctive twang that has found fans across genres including blues, country, jazz, rock, metal, reggae, folk, and soul.

The typical Telecaster – also known as a ‘Tele’ - is made from alder or ash with a bolt-on maple neck. The fingerboard is usually designed with maple or rosewood, and the headstock tends to feature a distinctive slim design that hosts 6 inline tuning pegs. Most models have dual single-coil pickups, a pickup selector switch, a single volume control, and a single tone control.

Despite the enduring influence of the Tele, you’ll be glad to hear that there are a range of awesome T-Style guitars that you can get your hands on without breaking the bank.

In this blog we’ll be exploring some of the best budget Telecaster guitars and finding our favourite Telecaster alternatives – keep reading to find out more!

Best Telecaster Copy

The best Telecaster-style copy guitars are:

  • Antiquity TL Guitars
  • Squier Telecasters
  • Schecter PT Guitars
  • Charvel Style 2 Guitars

Let’s dig into the specs of these guitars and find out why each one is such a good Tele alternative. We’ll consider the look, sound, and feel of each series to help you make an informed decision on your next T-Style instrument.

To kick things off, we’re looking at Antiquity...

Antiquity TL Guitars

Whether you’re a beginner guitarist looking for your first bundle or a pro searching for a backup axe – the Telecaster is a classic choice.

Antiquity makes some of the best budget Tele copies, designed with a unique attention to detail that you’d expect to find at a much higher price.

This means that the look, feel, and sound of the TL guitars is ideally suited to anyone who loves the Telecaster, as the instrument has been crafted with a level of care that ensures each of the most vital details have been recreated.

Available in some stunning colours such as the George Harrison inspired Rooftop Rosewood model pictured above, our Experts at PMT have fallen in love with these guitars.

Find them all below, and check out the Antiquity Guitar Bundles for our best beginner packages and more!

Squier Telecasters

If you’re looking for an officially licensed Telecaster that doesn’t compromise on style or sound, then the Squier Tele range is your best bet.

With a selection of different Tele models such as Deluxe, Thinline, and Contemporary guitars, each and every kind of player is covered here. No matter if you’re a metalhead looking for hot humbuckers or a blues lover looking to experiment with P90s – you'll find a Tele to suit your tastes from Squier.

The brand also still makes the beloved stripped-back classic model, complete with the iconic headstock and no-nonsense set-up. They’re a superb option for new players and kids who want to get started on something that’s easy to play and looks the part.

Check out each and every Squier Telecaster available at PMT below:

Schecter PT Guitars

The Schecter PT range is built for the modern player.

Although these guitars retain the familiar Tele shape, they’re kitted out for those who demand more from their instrument. No longer relying on the tried-and-trusted construction that Leo Fender initially designed, these guitars are the perfect choice for hard-rocking, high-gain shredding.

With flamed maple tops, faded finishes, plus an array of Floyd Rose and EMG-equipped models, metal players will find something to love across this selection.

We’re big fans at PMT – explore them all here:

Charvel Style 2 Guitars

Here we have another collection of guitars that will find favour with those who love the T-Style silhouette but want some added flair – the Charvel Style 2 range.

The Charvel company has found favour with the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Vinnie Vincent, and Ola Englund. Musicians who appreciate high-end electronics, hot pickups, and heavy-duty hardware will love how a Charvel feels to play, and the brands commitment to innovation means that more Tele lovers are finding reasons to try out a Style 2.

Some of our favourite Style 2 models boast a shredder’s cut heel, compound fretboards, and enhanced cut-outs for complete ergonomic comfort and playability on any stage.

With the addition of Fishman Fluence pickup models and other cutting-edge appointments, the Charvel Style 2 is a solid choice if you’re looking for more from a Tele.

Find our favourite Charvel guitars here:

Final Thoughts

The Telecaster guitar will simply never go out of fashion. It set the precedent for what the solidbody electric guitar can do, and it’ll forever find fans across the world for the versatility and playability for which it has gained fame since 1950.

With so many different options that are inspired by the iconic single cutaway design, we’re here to help you find the perfect Telecaster or Tele-style copy for your rig.

To check out each and every T-style model available at PMT, click below and shop the wonderful world of the Tele!

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