Check out our top picks for the best metronomes for guitar and instrument practice and find out why metronomes are such an important tool for rehearsals

Learning to play an instrument involves mastering lots of new skills. Fortunately, our Experts at PMT know a thing or two about the best ways to practice your instrument, the tools you’ll need, and how you should use them to improve your playing.

A metronome, sometimes referred to as a ‘click track’, is a timekeeping device used by musicians to improve tempo and rhythm.

They’re a useful tool for all types of musicians who wish to refine their skills, no matter how experienced or new to your instrument you might be. A metronome can help you to learn your parts at the correct tempo before practicing with a live band or heading into the studio to record them.

Being a ‘tighter’ musician – that is, more in-time with your band or the click track in your DAW – means your performances are much more impactful. This makes practicing with a metronome all the more important for musicians regardless of their skill level!

Why Should I Buy a Metronome?

Nowadays, there are countless apps, DAW applications, and online tools that allow you to access a click track free-of-charge.

So why should you buy a metronome?

Although we regularly recommend taking advantage of easily accessible tools for practicing, we also think it’s important to be able to practice your instrument free from distractions. Having your metronome on your phone or laptop can quickly lead to time lost checking messages and scrolling through social media.

This isn’t ideal when you’re trying to perfect your rhythm and tempo before a big gig or upcoming recording session!

That’s why we’ve picked out some of our favourite standalone metronome tools that are designed for musicians to hone their skills. We’ve chosen these metronomes based on their reliability, versatility, and portability. Some of them even look extra-cool and make great gifts, too.

Keep reading to find out our top picks – whether you need to find the best metronome for guitarists or the ultimate metronomes for pianos and keys, we’re here to help..

BOSS TU-30 Metronome and Tuner 

BOSS TU-30 Metronome and Tuner

Our favourite practice tool for beginner guitarists is the BOSS TU-30 Metronome and Tuner.

This dual-use piece of kit ensures that you’re perfectly in tune and in time whenever you need to refine your chops, and it’s easy-to-use for musicians of all ages and experience levels.

The TU-30 has a built-in mic for using with acoustic instruments and an input jack for connecting electric instruments, in addition to flat tuning options and Accu-Pitch which sounds a tone when you’re ready to start playing. You can also get a reference tone which is handy for learning to tune by ear.

On to the metronome, though – and the TU-30 has everything you need and more.

With multiple rhythm styles which make it easy to practice different types of playing, it also features a visual cue on the display that helps musicians to get into the groove as they’re rehearsing. You’ll just need two AAA batteries to get going.

It’s lightweight, sturdy, and small enough to fit into your pocket to take to lessons or band practice – so no matter where you find yourself, you’ll be able to prioritise nailing your favourite licks perfectly!

Wittner Metronomes

Wittner Pyramid Metronome
Witter Taktell Metronome Ruby

Another of our most-loved metronome manufacturers is Wittner.

Famed for their precision, Wittner are unsurpassed when it comes to musical timekeeping.

Unlike the other metronomes on this list, these metronomes are mechanical as opposed to digital. This means they can be used without batteries or a power source.

They make for extremely cool gifts for musicians due to their beautiful looks and bespoke designs. You can add a touch of flair to any studio, classroom, or rehearsal space with a Wittner metronome!

Our favourites are the classic Pyramid and the more modern and compact Taktell models.

Find them all and more here:

TGI Digital Metronomes

TGI Digital Professional Metronome

Finally, we’re taking a closer look at the range of TGI Digital Metronomes.

TGI creates useful and versatile accessories for musicians, including a selection of metronomes that we love at PMT.

Suitable for musicians of all kinds, there’s a perfect model for every player depending on your needs.

The most basic Digital Metronome comes with a headphone output for quiet practice, whilst the Professional model is suited for teachers who will appreciate the louder click designed for classroom environments.

Woodwind and Brass players can make use of the dedicated Digital Tuner and Metronome which is designed with a clip-on mic for ease of use. It offers a tempo range of 30-250bpm and allows you to tune to notes between A0 and C8, so it’s versatile depending on your instrument.

Each and every TGI metronome is fully-featured and built to last, so you won’t need to replace it in a hurry. Find our picks here:

Final Thoughts

A metronome is a vital tool, and all musicians should have one in their collection.

The best way to enhance your rhythm, feel, and timing is to practice with a metronome consistently. It will allow you to improve your ability to play with other musicians and to record to a click track with your instrument.

In turn, you’ll sound better in a live environment and be able to make more effective, potent recordings that hit harder when you listen back.

Each of the picks above has been selected by our Experts at PMT who have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to perfecting your playing. Even if you’ve never played along to a metronome before, it’s not too late to start – take your playing to the next level with PMT!

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