Endless looping time, customisable footswitches and enhanced UI - the HeadRush Looperboard 2.0 firmware update takes the unit to new levels of performance

If you have a Looperboard, you really need to download the HeadRush Looperboard Firmware 2.0 update as your incredible unit just got a whole lot better!

Since the HeadRush Looperboard was released, guitarists of all levels and styles have loved the fact they can create full ensembles on their own, in the comfort of their own home or on stage.

The all-new HeadRush Looperboard 2.0 firmware update opens up a new world of looping capabilities and adds some key improvements that players will really appreciate.

Here are our top 5 HeadRush Looperboard firmware 2.0 updates you should really know about.

HeadRush Looperboard Looper Pedal
The HeadRush Looperboard Looper Pedal is now one of the worlds most powerful loopers

1. Endless Looping time

The HeadRush Looperboard Firmware 2.0 Update allows you to loop forever. The unit now has endless looping capabilities with endless looping and backing tracks.

This means you are no longer restricted in your looping and can jam for days... literally. This is is an important update as you can just keep the unit recording for hours and ensure you don't accidentally forget or fail to record that killer guitar, bass or vocal line that could be the hook of your bestselling single! We believe in you! 

2. All new built-in effects

If you're a singer songwriter who likes to perform live, or even record with interesting vocal effects, then you'll love the new Vocal Tuner FX and Rhythmic FX.

The newly added Vocal Tuner FX rack which is now available as part of the Looperboard 2.0 firmware update includes auto pitch tuning and auto harmoniser effects. This means you can get that crazy Bon Iver, Daft Punk and Kanye West sound whilst playing live or looping.

An added Rhythmic FX rack includes awesome effects such as slicer, pumper, and synced LFO effects that you can trigger and manipulate to your specific needs.

3. All New Navigation Menu 

The new navigation menu on the Looperboard is easily one of the most important features users will love about the HeadRush Looperboard Firmware 2.0 Update.

Looping needs to be as easy as possible, settings need to be triggered quickly and you need access to tracks instantly. The team at Headrush have included awesome features like a new layout for cleaner workflows, readability and more visibility.

You also have an all new menu for navigating the UI pages via footswitch by holding the Function footswitch. Or if you want to quickly return to the main timeline page, just double-tap the Function footswitch.

4. Massive compatibility improvements

You now have the ability to import .MP3 audio files and use them in your looping or backing tracks.

You can also directly record, save, and load loops to/from connected external USB/SD storage devices. This means you can create loops anytime, save them edit them on your DAW and add any kinds of effects or additional sounds then re upload to your Headrush Looperboard and start playing live.

Mac users will also love the fact Headrush Looperboard now has complete compatibility with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) to the macOS firmware updater.

5. Realtime quantizing 

One of the key features within the Headrush Looperboard 2.0 firmware update is the ability to quantize your tracks and detect the BPM automatically.

For those who don't know, this feature keeps you in time. This is a handy feature as any loop you play will automatically sync up with the BPM of your track and make sure all your chorus/verse/lead line changes are in time and on point.

And that's just a selection of the new features with the Looperboard!

Watch our HeadRush Looperboard updates video with Dagan below and find out more about the great features which are now part of the firmware 2.0 update including

  • Fully Customisable footswitches - set them out how you want!
  • Over 40 high-quality effects including auto-tune for vocals
  • Audio harmonizer
  • Realtime quantizing
  • Enhanced user interface - new navigation menu
  • Instantly clear all loops, one-shot setting, preview and more

How do I get my HeadRush Looperboard Firmware 2.0 Updates? Simply click HERE to download!

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