Aston launch the enigmatic 'Project Element'


Aston have dropped an enigmatic trailer for a new project called 'Element' hinting that there could be a new microphone on the way.

Aston Project Element

Aston Project Element

Aston Microphones have shared a teaser video which questions 'who decides which microphone sounds the best?' the answer quickly follows as 'you' with an intriguing snippet of a feedback form.

Could this perhaps be hinting that there's a new microphone on the way from the celebrated company? The video continues to boast of Proprietory Capsule Technology as a world-first - hinting that they've listened to the musicians and vocalists of this world and developed an exciting new microphone.

Then comes the final bit of information 'Project Aston Element - The People's Microphone'. Keep your eyes on PMT Online as we'll be the first to deliver news of any new Aston microphones. In the meantime you can browse all Aston Equipment in more detail on the site.

You can also sign up to be part of the Aston Family Developer Team now!

Check out the video below:


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