New Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design and TD-27KV V-Drums announced ahead of NAMM 2020

Roland continues to push the envelope in terms of what electronic drums can do with the release of the new Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design drum kits and TD-27KV V-Drums. Let's take a look at the new features and new kits launching at NAMM 2020.

Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design Drum Kits

When you want the functionality of an electronic drum kit, but prefer the look and feel of an acoustic kit, the Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design series is the answer to what you're looking for. This new style of kit merges the feel and vibe of an acoustic kit with Roland's leading electronic V-Drums experience. Known as Roland Acoustic Design kits or Roland VAD kits, this is the electronic drum kit for drummers who hate electronic drum kits.

Full-Size Wood Shells

V-Drums have always aimed to provide the most natural drumming experience, but with added functionality and control. With this in mind, the Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design series features full-size wood shells, custom heavy-duty chrome shell hardware, thinner cymbals, standard acoustic mounting, and more features that acoustic drummers would find useful. Each kit provides the look and feel of a high-end acoustic kit.

Advanced Shell Sensor Systems

Although this is an electronic drum kit, it responds just like an acoustic kit. The Advanced shell sensor systems eliminates any hot spots and make sure your kick and tom drums behave just like an acoustic set.

Streamlined Cymbals

The team at Roland have streamlined the crash cymbal pads to improve stick feel and swinging motion. This has been achieved by reducing the thickness by 40-percent compared to previous generations. The top of the range V-Drums Acoustic 5 Series kits feature digital snare and ride pads which work effortlessly with the TD-27's module to provide realistic dynamics and response.

Three Different Kits Available

The Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design Drum Kits are available in three different configurations. The top of the range Roland VAD506 and Roland VAD503 kits include the TD-27 module, as well as full-size kick and toms, digital snare and ride. The Roland VAD306 kit is ore affordable and includes the TD-17 module along with kick, snare, and toms with shallow wood shells, making it a perfect option for drummers who want that genuine acoustic vibe and feel without taking up too much room around the home or practice space.

New Roland TD-27 Module

The key benefit of the Roland VAD506 and Roland VAD503 kits is the new Roland TD-27 module. This module pushes the organic experience further by providing samples recorded in world-class studios all with advanced behaviour modeling. The fact you get over 700 sounds, 55 preset kits, and 100 kits in total, along with an electronic kit that looks and feels like an acoustic kit should appeal to the most ardent of acoustic players. Check out Roland Electric Drums..

Roland TD-27KV V-Drums Kit

The new and affordable Roland TD-27KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit is a mid-level electronic kit designed to provide players with easy access into the acclaimed V-Drums lineup. You have advanced digital trigger pad technology, the latest V-Drums sound engine and premium playability at your disposal. Best of all, it won't break the bank.

Features Taken From The TD-50

Straight out of the box you have 700 instruments, 55 preset kits, and 100 kits in total all with advanced behaviour modeling for realistic expression and playing dynamics. You can change parameters, adjust sounds and access kits at the turn of a dial, making the life of a live drummer a lot easier.

Advanced Pads

The Roland TD-27KV V-Drums Kit includes an advanced PD-140DS snare and CY-18DR ride pads which offer sophisticated multi-sensing and act just like acoustic cymbals. This is high-resolution processing at its best. The pads also support cross-stick detection, ride cymbal muting, and more features for the modern drummer. You also get three PDX-100 tom pads with multi-layer mesh heads, CY-12C and CY-13R cymbal pads, a VH-10 V-Hi-Hat, and a KD-10 kick pad. You can also customise sounds, import samples and more. Check out the details HERE.