Be part of the PRS Custom Shop Experience and create your very own PRS Private Stock guitar with us today

When the ‘off the shelf’ option just won’t do, the PRS Custom Shop experience, otherwise know as the PRS Private Stock is the ultimate pathway to finally getting hold of the guitar of your dreams. As discerning players, especially those of us who are at the point where we want a guitar that really shows off our unique style, the regular line of guitars just won't appeal anymore. So where do we go? We turn to the PRS Custom Shop, otherwise known as the PRS Private Stock to create our own guitars.

What is the PRS Custom Shop & what is a PRS Private Stock Guitar?

The PRS Private Stock section is essentially the PRS Custom Shop line. This offers players the highest level of customisation possible when it comes to a PRS guitar and access to rare tonewoods not used in the “normal” lines. This branch of PRS utilises the highest quality materials available and offers players a chance to get hold of a limited guitar designed by the Private Stock luthiers. Or you can create your very own custom “one of a kind” PRS guitar to your specifications. You choose everything, from the woods used to the pickups to the finish of the guitar with expert help from a PRS representative. PRS understand that choosing a guitar is a highly personal experience, so, therefore, make the PRS Custom Shop experience as personal as possible. A representative will sit with you and go through the tonewoods available, help you choose pickups and take into account any particular customisations you wish to include whether this is custom inlays, materials used or designs – nothing is too much trouble. When you choose a custom made PRS Private Stock Guitar – you are the only person that guitar has been made for. This is not an “off the shelf” option, but a guitar that no one else in the world will have.

What can I customise with a PRS Private Stock guitar?

Pretty much everything within reason. When you join the PRS Private Stock “club” you have access to a range of premium tonewoods, finish options not widely available and hardware not often found on the normal lines of PRS guitars. You can choose the finish you want, choose from a range of custom AAA+ tops, tonewoods, transparent and solid finishes and a range of different inlays. you can even design your own inlays if you wish and have illustrations or custom flair added. For example, a PRS custom shop customer asked for a shell to be placed in the back of the guitar. The PRS team sprang into action and organised it! There are certain things like neck width or shape that you have to stay within, but of course, these things are what make PRS guitars. As well as the regular style PRS electric and acoustic guitars, you can also choose PS Custom 22/24 7-string models. PS Custom 24 8-String guitars, PS Grainger 4 Bass, PS Grainger 5 Bass, PS Short Scale HB Bass and PS Singlecut Archtop guitars are also an option.

How do I order a PRS Customs Shop or PRS Private Stock Guitar?

Ordering your very own PRS Private Stock, custom PRS guitar couldn’t be easier. Simply speak to our dedicated guitar specialists in any PMT store and we will introduce you to our local PRS representative. They’ll arrange a meeting with you and start the process of choosing your custom guitar by sitting with you and discussing your musical tastes and what you look for in a guitar. They’ll make sure it’s at a time that is convenient for you, and work with you to design the guitar of your dreams.

How Long Is The Waiting Time For PRS Private Stock Guitar?

The current lead time from initial consultation to hand delivery of your PRS Custom Shop guitar is 18 months. This ensures the design team have enough time to discuss every detail with you and confirm each part. Then, the luthiers get to work and ensure each part of your guitar is built to your specifications, taking great care every step of the way with meticulous attention to detail. At the end of the 18 months, your guitar is presented to you, hand-built and custom to your needs.

Where Can I Order My PRS Custom Shop Guitar?

When you’re ready to create your very own PRS custom shop guitar, all you have to do is visit any local PMT Store, or contact us online – we’ll set everything up! Within 18 months you’ll have your guitar! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today on 0151 448 2086 or call into your local PMT Store to speak to our experts about your new PRS guitar today.