New: Yamaha Genos v2.0 Firmware Upgrade


In the two years since it was released, the Yamaha Genos has set the benchmark for digital workstations everywhere. The release of the Yamaha Genos v2.0 upgrade will transport you onto the next chapter of this incredible journey.

Yamaha Genos v2.0 Upgrade in action

The Yamaha Genos v2.0 upgrade will be available to download for all new and existing Genos users from the 15th of November 2019, introducing players to a whole host of new and upgraded features.

You Spoke, Yamaha Listened

Each of the new features for Genos v2.0 has been developed based on suggestions and feedback from enthusiastic players, performers, and studio musicians - just like you - from across the world.

The end result sees Yamaha deliver the ultimate Digital Workstation experience. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what these new features can do for you.

Increased Memory Expansion

To start with, Yamaha has ensured that upgrading to Genos v2.0 will boost your available expansion memory. Previously this was limited to just 1.8 GB, but thanks to this upgrade you can now utilise up to a whopping 3.0 GB!

In addition to this, the Yamaha Expansion Manager has now been upgraded to include support for “Quick Installation” from a USB flash drive. Previous incremental installations were available only via Wi-Fi, but thanks to this upgrade, installing an expansion pack has never been easier.

Genos v2.0 Superior Pack

When it comes to recreating music from, quite literally, any era, the Genos v2.0 Superior Pack has got your back.

This pack adds 50 all-new Styles, covering genres such as pop and dance, alongside a host of SA2 Premium Voices.

In addition to this, there’s an array of cutting-edge synth voices, such as the "Monolan Bass" from Yamaha’s own PSR-SX900, for players seeking a more modern-day option.

New Software Features

To improve the impressive functionality of the Genos, Yamaha Genos v2.0 introduces incredible new features.

These features allow you to fine-tune your playing on the fly, and amongst them, you will find:

  • Style Section Reset – jumps to the beginning of the bar when Tap Tempo is pressed whilst playing. Perfect when accompanying a vocalist, or performing with a variety of time signatures. Screenshot of the Style Section Reset function
  • Style Creator Improvement – an update and optimisation to Style Creator’s layout and functionality, including an expansion to the Time Signature range settings. Screenshot of the Style Creator Improvement Function
  • Chord Looper Function – allows you to record and loop chord sequences, freeing up your left-hand for two-handed-passage playing, and for tweaking sounds with assignable controllers. Screenshot of the Chord Looper Function in action

Genos v2.0 Improved Scale Tune Function

As requested by you, Yamaha Genos v2.0 now gives the option of applying the Scale Tune to each individual part.

In addition to this, you can also now set temporary scales using Sub Scale, and quickly configure your settings.

Additional Portamento Type Functionality

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Yamaha Genos v2.0 also supports added functionality in three key areas.
These areas encompass:

  • A configurable Crossfade function, via the Mono Type option on the Voice Edit display. This display now also allows you to configure Portamento Time Type.
  • Sorting through your Playlist in Alphabetical order
  • An increase in the maximum number of User Effects that you can save

As stated above, the Yamaha Genos v2.0 upgrade will be available for all new and existing Genos users to download directly from Yamaha, as of November 15th, 2019.

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