New Roland Fantom Keyboards & More Announced


The all-new Roland FANTOM next-generation keyboards have been unveiled along with the Roland Jupiter Xm, Roland JU-06A and two new Roland Grooveboxes. Take a closer look and watch our demo of the Roland Fantom!

roland fantom keyboards

We take a look at the new Roland FANTOM keyboards; a next-generation keyboard series that offer expandable, fluid workflow, Modeless operation, deep computer integration and many more features pro-musicians will love.

The new flagship Roland Fantom keyboard line up has been developed from the ground up for modern players. Comprising of the next-generation FANTOM 6, FANTOM 7 and FANTOM 8, these new models fuse expert features such as a colour touchscreen, deep computer integration and the latest synth tech from Roland with superb playability.

Check out the first impressions video with Ed Sheeran's Keyboard player!

These tour ready keyboards have been designed for the demanding life on the road with a rugged construction and near-limitless plethora of features.

Three Different Roland FANTOM Models

There are three different models being introduced, including:

  • FANTOM-6: 61 Keys (semi-weighted keyboard with channel aftertouch)
  • FANTOM-7: 76 Keys (semi-weighted keyboard with channel aftertouch)
  • FANTOM-8: 88 Keys (PHA-50 Wood and Plastic Hybrid Structure, with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel, channel aftertouch)

Key Features

Roland understand that today's professional keyboard players require an instrument that not only lets them compose, but perform music to a world class standard.

This is why the Roland Fantom has deep computer connectivity so you can seamlessly intergrate it into your setup with ease.

The modeless interfaces helps provide a fluid working environment whilst the Scenes can be fully customised and reconfigured depending on your needs, composition setups and performance requirements.

An expandable sound engine includes an array of authentic electronic, acoustic and hybrid sounds which you can combine with each other and a filter to create your very own unique tones.

An incredibly powerful DSP engine has also been included which allows you to run all 16 parts with all available effects at the same time, complete with full patch remain.

Massive Array of Effects, Filters & Tones

The Roland Fantom features a huge array of tones and effects that you can use simultaneously. In fact, there are over 3,500 tones and 90 drum kits to choose from. In addition, you have a full studio's worth of effects at your disposal.

This includes 16 systems and 90 types of multi effects, 8 chorus types, 6 reverb effects, master Compressor, EQ and more.

You also have stereo Analog filters including LPF1F1/LPF2/LPF3/HPF/BPF/Bypass, Drive and Amp.

roland fantom 8 The Flagship Roland Fantom 8


User Friendly Controls

As a performing musician, you need quick access to all your features. Fortunately the Roland Fantom is a complete music composition and performance platform that allows you to build arrangements and make changes fast. you have an selection of RGB pads, a classic TR-REC style pattern sequencer, real-time recording with piano roll editing and a grid for recording and launching your clips.

You can even operate DAWs like Apple's Logic pro and mainstage via the touchscreen panel controls. you also have access to virtual instruments via Roland Cloud - and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


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Roland MC-707 & MC-101 Grooveboxes

Roland MC-707 & MC-101 Grooveboxes

Since the original MC-303 GROOVEBOX was introduced back in 1996, the Groovebox series has opened up a world of new musical possibilities. This built on the workflow introduced with genre-defining Roland instruments like the TR-808, TR-909, and TB-303. This nifty piece of kit allowed musicians with limited experience to create songs quickly and easily.

The all new Roland MC-707 and MC-101 Grooveboxes fuse this concept with updated technology for the modern musician.

The Roland MC-707 Groovebox provides an easy way to create songs or perform live without the need for a computer. You can enjoy 8-track recording, sequencing, sampling, synthesizers, and studio-grade effects as well as a massive selection of sounds, loops and phrases.

It’s been equipped with Roland’s latest sound engine whilst adding all the legendary sounds of Roland’s impressive back catalogue of rhythm machines and synthesizers.

16 ultra-sensitive pads let you trigger sounds, sequence drum parts, add melodic basslines and more. You can also enjoy easy integration to your DAW too!

Want to go smaller? The Roland MC-101 has all the high-quality sounds, effects and sequencing capabilities of the MC-707 but in a smaller compact four track version that can be powered via two AA batteries.

Available to pre order now:

Roland Jupiter Xm

roland jupiter xm

Roland have also announced the new Jupiter Xm synthesizer. This is a 37-note slim keyboard that beautifully recreates the sounds of the coveted JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, SH-101 as well as the sought after vintage XV-5080 and modern RD pianos. If that wasn’t enough for you, you also have a plethora of drum sounds taken from the TR-808, TR-909, TR-707, CR-78, and many more.

A cool feature comes in the form of the I-Arpeggio functionality which takes your notes, rhythms and phrses and creates complementary drum parts, bass lines and chords that suit what you’ve played.

Comfortable knobs, sliders and a lush engine, make this an incredible performance machine.

View more info about the Jupiter Xm synthesizer HERE.

Roland JU-06A Synthesizer

roland JU-06A

Finally, we have the Roland JU-06A Synthesizer. This awesome synth combines all the legendary sounds and functionality of Roland’s legendary JUNO 6, 60 and 106 into a compact, highly playable synth.

This also builds upon the boutique JU-06 by providing an improved sequencer, interface, trigger in, arpeggiator and a whole lot more.

You have authentic vintage styling, tough metal panels and a rugged construction that’ll withstand the tough life on the road. Perfectly matched with the Roland DK-01 boutique dock.

View more info on the Roland JU-06A Synthesizer HERE.

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  • Alex P
    20th September 2019

    Do you know when you'll be getting these in stock please?

    • Lee Glynn
      23rd September 2019

      Hi! They're available and in stock now. -Lee

  • Alex P
    18th September 2019

    Do you happen to know when you'll have the JU-06A in stock? As I'd want to pick it up in person cheers!

    • Lee Glynn
      23rd September 2019

      Hi Alex, we have no lead times at the moment, but any local PMT store would be happy to reserve one for you. -Lee

  • AJ Graham
    5th September 2019

    Estimated/RRP prices...? Pre-order options...?

    • Lee Glynn
      6th September 2019

      Hi! Hi you can follow the links to prices. -Lee

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