Using a mouse in a live situation is a nightmare – say hello to the new PreSonus ATOM USB Pad Controller and take back control

When you need a highly portable and extremely versatile production controller to make music anywhere, anytime, the all new PreSonus ATOM USB Pad Controller is an ideal choice, that won’t break the bank. This highly affordable USB Pad Controller from the team at Presonus allows you to create beats, trigger samples and sounds and perform in a live scenario with ease, best of all, it reduces the need for a mouse which makes your life a LOT easier whilst you’re performing on stage. In fact, there’s so many more benefits to using this nifty piece of kit that we couldn’t name them all – so we thought we’d highlight just a few.

Here’s 5 Reasons You Need A PreSonus ATOM USB Pad Controller

1. Minimise use of mouse and increase creativity with fast workflow

One of the most annoying things about producing music is the reliance we have on our mouse pad to change parameters and bring up menus. This can really stifle creativity and flow, and in some instances can be quite disastrous in a live scenario! This is where the Presonus Atom, really comes in handy! The PreSonus Atom minimises the use and need for a mouse by allowing you to set up tracks, instruments and presets from the controller and load sounds as well as navigate instruments directly via the Atom’s control pads. To navigate presets using only the Atom, simply press the Preset button and use the Up & Down Keys to select which one you need. This means you can change up your sounds on the fly without looking for a mouse!

2. Great pad feel/response for jamming live or triggering samples live

The Atom is extremely hard wearing, as it’s designed for musicians who want to be able to hammer the pads and feel like they’re getting the exact response they want. The 16 full-size velocity/pressure sensitive RGB LED pads have been designed for those who enjoy a more expressive controller. Each of the pressure sensitive RGB LED pads can be assigned to various parameters and used with Aftertouch too. Best of all, you can actually dictate the pad pressure thresholds for total control over sensitivity. Even the 4 endless rotary encoders are hard wearing and satisfying to turn and press. Every aspect of the Atom has been designed to feel good under your finger tips and provide superior expression, so whether you’re playing drums, keys or any other sound, you get realistic expression every time. This all means that you get superior control over triggering - when you hit the pad, it responds exactly when you want it to! There's no lag and no embarrassing missed queues.

3. Quickly edit and quantize tracks from the Atom

After you’ve created a track you can even quantize your performance using the Atom, just press Shift and Nudge/Quantize. You can also edit tracks you’ve recorded using the Atom which makes quick changes to backing tracks or even editing on the fly a breeze. Both aspects are ideal in a live scenario as you’re always on time with the click and any changes you need to make can be made directly via the controller – you’re not fumbling for a mouse!

4. Studio One Artist Software & custom MVP Loops content included

Even if you’re just starting out in the world of music production, the PreSonus Atom comes with everything you need to start making music straight out of the box. Although it’s been designed to work with your own DAW and easily integrates into your existing Studio One program, you get a copy of Studio One Artist included with the Atom. This is an entry level program that you can achieve professional level results with. It’s extremely easy to use, packed with a plethora of powerful editing tools which allows you to load and save audio clips, MIDI files and effects – just drag and drop what you need and you’re good to go. If that wasn’t enough, the PreSonus Atom also comes with MVP Loops content which has been custom-made specifically for this controller – you can’t get these sounds anywhere else!

5. Highly compact, very portable

The Muse can strike anywhere anytime, so we need to be able to get those ideas down as soon as an idea hits us, whether we’re in the studio, at home or on the train! The team at PreSonus have created the Atom for musicians on the move. Weighing in at a mere 0.45kg with depth and width around 20cm, this won’t cause much fuss when you throw it into your backpack or laptop bag! It’s built to withstand the rigours of the road and each pad, rotary knob and even the casing itself feels of high quality able to withstand years of (ab)use! The Atom proves that you don’t have to have a massive controller to create music, perform live and record your ideas. If you’re in need of a budget friendly USB controller that you can use to take total control over your DAW and live sound, something that is easily transported and has a world of sounds included, then the PreSonus Atom is a great choice. Shop the PreSonus Atom over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT store to try one out for yourself!