BOSS have announced 3 new additions to their wireless guitar transmitter selection, which might be the most user friendly options ever made. We look at the new BOSS WL-20, WL-20L and BOSS WL-50 wireless systems

Boss have announced three new wireless systems for guitarists and instrumentalists, the BOSS WL-20, BOSS WL-20L and BOSS WL-50 which are all equipped with lightning fast wireless technology, ultra-low latency and tour grade, reliable stability. This is the plug and play experience you need without any of the aggravation or set up usually involved with wireless guitar systems. These new wireless guitar systems make it extremely easy for players of all levels to enjoy wireless guitar playing freedom whether you’re at rehearsal, playing at home or busting out the riffs on the stages of the world. This is pro tone utilising BOSS’s new virtual cable technology, without any set up, messy aerials, licence fees – it’s wireless freedom made easy.

New BOSS Wireless Guitar Systems

Check out the announcement video below too:

BOSS WL-20 Wireless System - Best For Guitar Straight to Amp

The BOSS WL-20 wireless system is essentially a virtual guitar cable for guitar, bass and hi-impedance gear which takes the same wireless technology from the Boss Katana Air and allows you to apply it to your existing set up. The Boss WL-20 is as simple as plugging a guitar cable in to your guitar. Once you’ve paired the transmitter and receiver by connecting them for 10 seconds, all you have to do is plug the transmitter into your guitar or instrument and the receiver into your amplifier, pedal or interface and you’re good to go! Boss have stated that there is absolutely no tone loss whatsoever, making it a great option for professional musicians who have spent time on crafting their sound. However, BOSS have included cable tone simulation which you can toggle between on the back of the receiver. This reproduces the natural top end roll off of a 10ft cable, which everyone knows keeps your guitar sounding warm and natural – great for those with passive guitar pickups. Or if you don’t want to use the simulation, simply set it to off and you have a crystal-clear sound. You have up to 10 hours playing time, with built-in batteries that can be recharged via standard USB. So you’re all set for those long rehearsals and live sessions. Boss have also included a micro USB cable so you can charge whenever you need to. This is simple, plug and play wireless technology that gives you the freedom to play anywhere you like, without messy cables.

BOSS WL-50 Wireless System – Best For Those With Pedals

The BOSS WL-50 Wireless System is a plug and play wireless system designed to fit seamlessly on to your pedal board and provide instant wireless connectivity without any complicated set up. The stomp box sized receiver is almost exactly the same size as the existing BOSS effects, so it’ll sit nicely on your board. Its integrated docking port charges the built-in rechargeable battery within the transmitter when not in use, providing you with up to 12 hours continuous playing time after a full charge. The receiver “pedal” automatically detects the best wireless connection after around 10 seconds of docking, so you’re ready to go very quickly. You have rock solid stability with ultra low latency at just 2.3ms (not even noticeable) and a 65-foot/20-meter line of sight range, so you can play larger stages comfortably. The receiver, which looks just like a Boss stompbox can be powered by an optional PSA-S adaptor (regular 9V power supply) or two AA batteries. When using the PSA-S adaptor the Boss WL-50 can distribute power to one or more pedals via daisy chain. You have the selectable cable tone simulation options too, so you can choose from short, long and bypass, making it a great option for passive pickups or active pickups as well as line level instruments. Boss have also included a regular ¼-inch input jack, just in case you need to plug directly in to the pedal, should you forget to charge your transmitter! This is the wireless guitar system you’ve been looking for!

BOSS WL-20L Wireless System – Best For Acoustic Electric & Line Level Instruments

Finally, we have the BOSS WL-20L Wireless System which is exactly the same as the WL-20, except without the cable tone simulation. This makes it a better for instruments where cable capacitance is not something you need to worry about, say if you were using an acoustic/electric guitar with an onboard preamp, a guitar or bass with active pickups, or a line-level device like a keytar or even Roland’s Aerophone wind instrument. However, it still works perfectly with electric guitars and basses if you don’t want the cable tone simulation. Shop the BOSS WL-20, BOSS WL-20L and BOSS WL-50 wireless systems over at PMT Online today.