We take a look at the best cheap acoustic guitars and best budget acoustic guitars that don’t suck, proving that budget friendly can still mean professional quality

As we continue our “cheap instruments that don’t suck” series, today we’re looking at cheap acoustic guitars that effectively combine high-quality construction with a budget-friendly price tag.

These are the best budget acoustic guitars that won't let you down. With the sheer number of acoustic guitars and electro-acoustic guitars out there to choose from, picking one out of the crowd can be a little difficult – especially if you’re A.) On a budget and B.) In need of a guitar that won’t let you down.

Fortunately, there’s a huge range of cheap acoustic guitars out there that prove budget-friendly can still mean high quality – so when we say cheap, we just mean they won’t break the bank!

So, in this guide, we’re going to show you 11 cheap acoustic guitars that don’t suck, perfect for those beginner guitarists just starting out on their journey, existing players in need of a new guitar to add to their collection and professional level players in need of a great stage and studio acoustic guitar that doesn't cost a fortune.

1. Ferndale Guitars

Ferndale GA2-CE Natural

Our top pick for cheap acoustic guitars come from Ferndale.

The Series 2 guitars focus on quality and a 'no-frills' approach to guitar building that make them super-affordable and great for beginners or novices.

They're remarkably simple to play, with a rich sound that you'd expect from a much more expensive instrument.

If you're looking to upgrade or take to the stage with your acoustic guitar, then the Series 3 instruments give you access to high-quality tonewoods and electronics.

Aspiring professionals will fall in love with these guitars - and you'll have more budget to spend on rehearsals, recording equipment, or whatever else you need to start turning your hobby into a career!

2. Brunswick Grand Auditorium Guitar, Tobacco Burst Satin

Brunswick Grand Auditorium Guitar, Tobacco Burst Satin

First up we have the Brunswick Grand Auditorium Guitar, Tobacco Burst Satin. At just under £100 you get a fantastic quality, hard working acoustic guitar that will make a great touring, recording or beginner guitar that will actually sound good.

This is one of the best cheap acoustic guitars available thanks to the quality of tonewoods used and deep, resonant Grand Auditorium shape usually associated with far more expensive guitars. The back and sides are made from Sapele, which provides a warm and deep sound so those chords will ring out clearly whether you’re playing onstage or recording at home. The addition of a Spruce Top  adds beautiful articulation for fingerpicking guitarists.

This is just another example of how “cheap” just means “budget friendly”. You get a whole lot of guitar for your money with this one!


Tanglewood TWCRD Crossroads Dreadnought Guitar

The Tanglewood TWCRD Crossroad series Dreadnought proves yet again that high quality guitars don’t have to break the bank. This meticulously constructed acoustic guitar features a dreadnought shape and an overall design that pays homage to the classic depression-era 1930s-America Blues guitars.

This simple, yet beautiful guitar is all about the tone, utilising a genuine mahogany top as well as a mahogany back and sides to deliver a full, rich tone that is ideal for singer songwriters.

At under £100, you get a seriously hard-working guitar. The Whiskey Barrel Burst satin finish looks amazing, especially due to the fact the guitar forgoes any lacquer or shiny overcoat to let the natural wood grain and satin finish to shine through.

A mahogany neck with traditional rosewood fretboard finishes off the guitar nicely, offering a comfortable playing experience as well as a more resonant addition to an already impressive guitar. This is easily a contender for one of the best cheap acoustic guitars purely due to how cool it looks, so when you get hold of one, you’re sure to be impressed by its sound!

4. Washburn Apprentice G-Mini 5 Acoustic

Washburn Apprentice G-Mini 5 Acoustic

For those who need a high-performance acoustic guitar that they can travel easily with, the Washburn Apprentice G-Mini 5 Acoustic is a great option and makes our best cheap acoustic guitars list with ease.

Perfectly shaped for comfort and with the live performer in mind, the Washburn Apprentice G-Mini 5 Acoustic has been constructed with aCompact Grand Auditorium body shape which ensures that the guitar is nice and loud when you want to play acoustically!

Up and coming singer songwriters and professional level performers will appreciate the short-scale neck that makes playing enjoyable and comfortable. When coupled with the Mahogany body, back and sides and select spruce top, you get a depth of tone usually associated with higher-priced guitars.

An extremely versatile guitar for players of all levels and genres who need a decent travel companion.


Eastcoast MKOA Acoustic Guitar

Next up we have the Eastcoast MKOA Koa Acoustic Guitar, Natural. This amazing travel guitar is relied upon by professionals across the globe thanks to its carefully selected exotic tonewoods, lightweight construction and amazing tone.

The Koa construction, which actually encourages a warm, mahogany like tone is something actually found on guitars many times the price - so you're getting an amazing deal with this guitar.  The shorter scale construction of the guitar makes it a great travel option and one of the best guitars for children and new players.

The travel size shape may be small, but don’t let that fool you – this has a huge sound thanks to the mini jumbo body which really makes the guitar louder and more resonant. You can hear this guitar loud and clear in any room!

The solid Koa back, sides and top ensures your guitar is full of snap and articulation, making it a perfect option for players who love to fingerpick and really let lead lines shine. The price is also extremely appealing and another reason why we think it’s one of the best cheap acoustic guitars. Also available as an electro acoustic version.

6. Tanglewood TWBB SFCE Blackbird Super Folk Electro Smokestack Black

Tanglewood TWBB SFCE Blackbird Super Folk Electro Smokestack Black

The Tanglewood TWBB SFCE Blackbird Super Folk Electro Smokestack Black seen here in a really cool Smokestack Black, is a beautifully designed guitar that will be appreciated by beginners, professionals and everyone in between thanks to its focus on both comfort and playability.

Don’t be fooled by the low price as this is a highly professional acoustic guitar with pro-level appointments, Tanglewood Premium Plus Electronics for a huge sound and superior tonewoods. This beautifully designed guitar features an all-mahogany body and easy-play neck profile for added comfort.

This design feature will be appreciated by musicians who suffer from hand cramps after too many hours playing (don’t we all!) and beginners who might struggle with chords for the first few months.

The combination of a Super Folk shape with cutaway provides a massive sound and really brings out the tonal qualities of the Mahogany back and sides and allow you to really take advantage of every part of the guitar.


Yamaha FG800

Last but not least, we have the Yamaha FG800 Acoustic. There’s no secret as to why this Yamaha Acoustic Guitar is in one of the best-selling acoustic guitars series’ of all time; they partner expert construction with incredible tonewoods, whilst still maintaining an affordable price.

The FG800 features scalloped X bracing which provides a louder sound projection whilst the combination of Nato back and sides as well as a Solid Spruce top offer a lush, versatile tone. Whether you need a beginner guitar or just want a high quality guitar, this is one of the best cheap acoustic guitars that will still provide a high level of performance and sound great for a lifetime.

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