New limited-edition Fender Parallel Universe guitars have been revealed including the Fender Meteora, Thinline Super Deluxe, Limited Edition Troublemaker Tele and many more. With one model released 1st of each month from April to December you better get in quick if you want to secure one of these weird and wonderful guitars

The team at Fender guitars always surprise us when releasing new gear at the NAMM show. Not content with releasing just “another Strat”, Fender have announced a string of extremely limited-edition guitars called the Fender Parallel Universe series which essentially combine a range of different guitars to create weird and wonderful combinations. Each guitar is highly limited and only one model will be released on the 1st of each month from April to December. It’s like a year full of new guitars! Let’s take a look at these amazing guitars available for pre-order now.

Fender Parallel Universe Meteora

The Fender Meteora guitar is a sleek new limited-edition body shape that screams elegance. Packed with a Custom Shop Vintage-Style Tele Single Coil pickup in the bridge, as well as a Custom Shop “Twisted” Single-Coil Tele in the neck position, you have lush tonal options at your disposal that can go from sparkling cleans to growling grit. The Fender Meteora has been constructed with a 25.5”- scale American Professional Jazzmaster maple neck which sports an American Vintage ’65 Jazzmaster profile, as well as a 9.5” radius fingerboard for comfortable playability. In addition, the regal block inlays placed within the 22 narrow-tall frets look absolutely stunning, especially in contrast to the butterscotch blonde finish and black scratchplate. An Ash body provides a resonant and articulate tone whilst the American Professional Tele bridge with compensated brass saddles and “Limited Edition” micro-tilt neck plate offers beautiful functionality and tuning stability. Fender have also included a hard-shell case and certificate of authenticity with each Fender Meteora, making it an instant collector’s item. However, we highly recommend you play this guitar, and play it hard!

Fender Parallel Universe Jazz Tele

The Limited-Edition Fender Jazz Tele effectively fuses the classic Jazzmaster with the hard working Telecaster to create an all new beast! The Ash Telecaster body has been adorned with a pair of American Vintage ’65 single coil Jazzmaster pickups to provide that legendary Jazzmaster sound as well as a custom designed 3-ply pickguard, American Professional Jazzmaster tremolo and bridge. The Fender Jazz Tele is truly a unique guitar designed for superior performance as well as visual impact and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! In addition to the comfortable body shape and fantastic hardware, you get a “Modern C”-shaped American Original Jazzmaster neck which sports a 9.5”-radius rosewood fingerboard. This thing feels amazing every time you pick it up and will sound absolutely fantastic whether you need to play it clean or pump a load of distortion through your amp. Whether you’re playing country, grunge or surf rock or whatever you want – this can handle it all.
  • Fender Parallel Universe Troublemaker Tele Deluxe

    Fender are definitely being playful with this new design named the Troublemaker Tele, combing an array of different guitar styles to create this awesome looking and sounding guitar. You have a bound mahogany body which is warm and resonant, a maple top for extra snap and a Cabronita pickguard and lacquer finish – sound familiar? Fender are definitely going to stir up some trouble with this highly limited-edition release. You have a pair of Shawbucker 1T and 2T humbucking pickups to kick out the jams with, both of which have been specially voiced for their positions. Go from crystal cleans to huge distorted tones with ease! At the end of the 25.5”-scale, “Deep C”-shaped American Professional Telecaster neck is a large Stratocaster headstock, offering up a vintage look and more resonance. The inclusion of a rosewood fingerboard is a nice touch providing a warm tone and comfortable playing experience. In addition, the Fender Parallel Universe Troublemaker Tele Deluxe features an Adjusto-Matic bridge with stop tailpiece as well as matching cream Jazzmaster knobs, pickup bezels and switch tip to the pearloid position markers – this thing may raise some eyebrows, but as Fender put it “the well-behaved rarely make history”. Available in the following finishes:

    Fender Parallel Universe Strat-Tele Hybrid

    No, your eyes aren’t going funny, this really does take a second to realise what’s going on with this guitar. The team at Fender have decided to create the ideal instrument for throwing down some great licks and riffs with the Fender Parallel Universe Strat-Tele Hybrid. You have an traditional Ash Telecaster body with 3 x Custom Shop ‘69 Single-Coil Strat pickups installed, a Stratocaster synchronised tremolo bridge and a Strat style pickguard in 3-ply mint green to change the look even further. In addition, the team at Fender have contoured the Telecaster body to the same Comfort Contours of a Strat, making it a more ergonomic style. This focus on comfort extends to the “Deep C” neck which feels great on the chord hand. Finally, the guitar also comes adorned with a Limited-Edition neck plate which marks this instrument as one-of-a-kind. A hard-shell case and certificate of authenticity has also been included. Available as Limited Edition Strat-Tele Hybrid, Maple Fingerboard, 2-Color Sunburst

    Fender Parallel Universe Tele Thinline Super Deluxe

    The Fender Parallel Universe Tele Thinline Super Deluxe is definitely reminiscent of the classic hollow-body rockabilly guitars we’ve seen before, but provides players with an all new experience. This elegant, double-bound Tele Thinline Super Deluxe guitar is highly limited, providing a Western flair on top of a classic sound. You have 2 x TV Jones Classic pickups provide a lush sound that is ideal for everything from blues, to country to rock – when coupled with the hollow-body thinline design, this sound is unstoppable. In addition, the tone knob has been installed with a “bass cut” switch allowing you to sculpt your ideal tone further. A silver sparkle pickguard, pearl block inlays upon a rosewood fretboard and old-school transition Fender Thinline logo, lacquer finish and limited-edition neck plate give this guitar an extremely alluring appeal.

    Fender Parallel Universe American Elite Nashville Telecaster HSS

    American Elite has now been discontinued - you can now shop the new and improved American Ultra Range. The extremely limited-edition Fender Parallel Universe American Elite Nashville Telecaster offers up a world of tonal options thanks to the HSS setup. You have a direct-mounted ShawBucker humbucking bridge pickup and a pair of Pure Vintage ’64 Tele pickups in the middle position and neck positions to play with, resulting in an extremely powerful voice and a n extremely versatile option for players who demand more from their guitars. The Fender Parallel Universe American Elite Nashville Telecaster HSS has also been designed for comfort, featuring a compound “C-to-D” shaped neck, medium jumbo frets and an ergonomic body contour. There’s a hardtail bridge for extra resonance, knurled flat-top control knobs for easy manipulation and an old-school fender logo offering up a vintage style feel. This is a workhorse of a guitar ready for the road!

    Fender Parallel Universe Jaguar Strat

    The Fender Parallel Universe Jaguar Strat is a striking addition to the Fender family, combining two of the most iconic shapes the brand has ever created. This beautiful fusion results in a sleek and luxurious looking guitar able to handle a world of tone and ideal for players of all genres. A streamlined Alder Stratocaster body is comfortable to play, and includes chrome control plates as well as a tortoiseshell Jaguar pickguard to crate a truly head-turning design. However, it’s not just the visual cues that Fender have combined! The Fender Parallel Universe Jaguar Strat includes the Jaguar agile switching system which has been melded with the Stratocaster electronics, resulting in an entirely hybrid system. You have the traditional 5-way switch which is joined by a thumbwheel tone control for the bridge pickup, whilst the dual upper bout switches allow position 3 to select either the middle pickup alone, or all 3 pickups at once for a powerful blast of tone – this thing will really rock! The American Vintage ‘65 Single-Coil Jaguar pickups are as period-correct as possible, offering up a tone straight out of the 60s. A “Deep C” profile neck ensures the guitar is comfortable to play and the 22 medium jumbo frets upon the rosewood fingerboard allow you to play chords and lead lines with ease. This extremely limited-edition guitar is surely one that will be remembered!

    Fender Parallel Universe ‘51 Telecaster PJ Bass

    The Fender Parallel Universe ‘51 Telecaster PJ Bass updates a classic design with a modern, versatile tonality, providing players with a huge range of sonic options and a comfortable playing experience. You have 2 x Custom Shop pickups providing the low-end rumble, whilst a Jazz Bass single coil bridge pickup and 60s P Bass split coil middle pickup offer up the thunder! You can shape your tone via the chrome-dome dual-concentric volume controls and a master tone control to create some unique sounds easily. The neck itself is extremely interesting as you have a 34”-scale Telecaster bass maple neck carved into an American Vintage “ ’63 P Bass”-shaped profile providing pure comfort whilst playing. High-end appointments such as the HiMass Vintage bridge which includes vintage-style nickel-plated brass saddles for enhanced Fender tone are another reason why this bass should be on your “must try” list. Fender has also included a hardshell case and Certificate of Authenticity to add to the mystique and premium quality of the guitar.

    Fender Parallel Universe Whiteguard Stratocaster

    The Fender Parallel Universe Whiteguard Stratocaster has been built for the guitarists out there who have dreamt of combing the twang and bite of the Telecaster with the ergonomic and sleek contours of a Stratocaster. The team at Fender have installed Fender Custom Shop ’51 Nocaster pickups within the Ash body to provide you with the classic vintage tele sound, but have opted for the classic Stratocaster design when it comes to the overall body shape, offering a visual and sonically appealing combination. The “Modern C” shaped maple Telecaster neck has been crafted with a 9.5”-radius fingerboard for added comfort when playing the big chords or lead lines and the 22 narrow-tall frets are easy to traverse. This twisted take on a two classic guitars also includes a “Limited Edition” neck plate, silver Fender logo, hard shell case and certificate of Authenticity. A great guitar for collectors and players alike. But we think this thing belongs on a stage! Shop the full range of Fender Parallel Universe guitars over at PMT online today and reserve yours – they won’t last long.