The Roland Store at PMT Bristol opened over fifteen years ago, back when the store was known as Sound Control.

Since then, the Roland Store has served thousands of customers and seen some fantastic pieces of gear come in, including the new Roland Boutique and AIRA ranges.

Bristol's Roland Store had a makeover in 2016, giving the store a fantastic clean, futuristic feel (imagine being inside Spacecraft Discovery One from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey!) that includes a 150-inch screen video wall, where you can watch demos of the latest, hi-tech Roland gear.

Roland Store Launch

Roland Store is launching at PMT Bristol on Saturday 3rd August from 9:00 AM!

Come in and speak to our in-store specialist Wez and UK drum specialist Mike to get expert advice on all products and 1-2-1 demonstrations on gear.

What is a Roland Store?

A Roland Store isn't just an area of a music store that is completely dedicated to the latest Roland and BOSS instruments and equipment.

Every Roland Store has a Roland-trained product expert that doesn't just advise you on what gear is best for your needs: a Roland Expert can offer you advice on how to produce, write and record your music, no matter what style or genre.

Each Roland Expert is also a multi-instrumentalist and a self-confessed gear nut, too!

Click here to book a session with the Bristol Roland Store Expert.

PMT Bristol's Roland Store Expert

Wez is the current Roland Store Expert at PMT Bristol, and we caught up with him to find out what he loves about the brand and his favourite Roland and BOSS gear.

When did you become a Roland Expert at PMT Bristol? I became a Roland product specialist in August 2016.

What have been your favourite pieces of Roland/ Boss gear year over the years? My TD3SW drum kit was incredible. I used it live, for recording and jamming for about 10 years. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Juno 106 and JX-3P, and Boss pedals were always part of my board, DD7, DS-1 – they sound amazing and are practically bomb-proof.

What's your go-to Roland/ BOSS gear that you always use? I use my TR8, MX-1, System 1 and RC-3 altogether when I gig. The fattest, chunkiest, classic sounds that you can manipulate on the fly and add something really different to the set. I also have an FA-08 work station which is invaluable as a piano for practice, but also a great way of recording and editing song ideas. I’m also currently in love with the new RD-2000. All my favourite keys things in one package!

What's the current top seller in your store? The TD-11KV drum kit would be the hands-down winner. A percussion behemoth!

Do you specialise in any particular products in the store? I specialise in pretty much every area that Roland/Boss cater for. Music is my air, water, meat and beer. I have a particular love for the keys and hi-tech section; when I’ve got a bit of spare shop time you can find me noodling sleazy jazz riffs on the RD-2000 accompanied by the funky slug of the 909.

What's your favourite thing about the brand? I love Roland’s heritage – we’ve been a leader in music technology for over 45 years. Our constant quest for innovation and solutions for musicians fills me with a deep pride. We’ve led the way in so many genres; from hip hop to indie, to pop, to classical – you look on any stage of any band in the world and there you’ll see us, be it keys, pedals, sample pads or kits.

You can come in and get free, one-on-one advice from Wez at PMT Bristol any day of the week. And when Wez isn't in the store, you can catch him playing in the fantastic Bristol-based band, Troy Ellis & His Hail Jamaica Reggae Band.

Roland and BOSS Products at PMT Bristol

Roland Drums at PMT Bristol

Roland is the champions of the electric drum kit, and PMT Bristol as an entire area dedicated to the latest V-Drum kits so you can try everything from the starter TD-1 kit to the flagship TD-50KV beast, to Roland drum pads and hardware updates.

BOSS Pedals at PMT Bristol

We have tonnes of BOSS pedals that come in every colour under the sun, including much-loved stompboxes that have stood the test of time such as the DS-1, BD-2, OC-2, RC-3, DD-7 and NS-2, plus we have the newer BOSS multi-effects pedals available for you to try in-store too so you can create your perfect sound.

Roland Keyboards & Pianos at PMT Bristol

Whether you need a digital piano to aid your songwriting at home or a fantastic keyboard for the stage, PMT Bristol has all the latest keys in-store ready to rock. From the new RD-2000 to keyboardists' favourites such as the FA-08 and FP-30, to gorgeous free-standing home pianos, there will be certainly a Roland piano or keyboard that tickles your ivories at PMT Bristol.

Roland Synthesizers at PMT Bristol

The new Roland Boutique range is setup and always available for you to try in-store, which is great for music producers that have been looking to recreate famous synth-sounds and drum machines but without forking thousands of pounds on an original Jupiter-4 or TR-808. The entire AIRA range, Juno and JD-Xi models are also available to demo in-store too in the Roland AIRA Creative Hub, so you couldn't be more spoilt for choice when it comes to trying out the latest Roland synthesizers at PMT Bristol.