Fender announce brand new Mustang GT Amps - the world’s first WiFi-equipped guitar amplifiers.

How do you improve on the immensely popular Fender Mustang Amplifier? You go bigger and better with more effects, greater connectivity and even more power! Fender have announced the new range of WiFi equipped Mustang GT amplifiers - the Mustang GT 40, GT 100 & GT 200. Packed with 21 classic amp models, 47 different effects and the ability to download the latest updates and Fender artist-created presets straight to your amp, this is everything you need for stage and studio. Let's take a closer look...

3 Different Power Options

The new Fender Mustang GT amplifier series includes 3 different power options, ideal for recording, studio and live performance. The Fender Mustang GT 40 features 40 watts (2x20 in Stereo) of pure power through 2 x 6.5” Speakers, making it a perfect option for beginners, but with enough power to play the stages of the world. The Fender Mustang GT 100, is the ideal amplifier for touring professionals and recording artists in need of a bit (actually it's a lot!) more power. With 100 watts at your disposal through 1 x 12” Custom Celestion speaker, you'll enjoy all the stunning tonal qualities on offer and have enough power for the stage and studio. Weighing it at a mere 22 lbs. (9.97 kg), the GT 100 is extremely portable and extremely easy to carry thanks to the soft touch-flip handle - your roadies will thank you for it! For the pros out there, or those who want to absolutely ruin their neighbours day, the Fender Mustang GT 200 is the amplifier for you. The 2 x Custom Celestion® speakers sound fantastic at all volumes, but really shine when you open up those 200 watts of power. This is an ideal amplifier for those that like it loud, but don't want to have to lug around a huge, weighty stack. It also includes the 4-Button MGT-4 footswitch for preset/FX switching and Looper manipulation.

WiFi-equipped Guitar Amplifier

The new Fender Mustang GT amplifiers are WiFi equipped - a world first, allowing you to download all the latest amplifier and effect presets straight to your amp over a WiFi connection. In addition, you can also access the latest Fender artist-created presets and join an entire community of like-minded guitarists directly through your amp, giving you unprecedented access to an array of different sounds. No longer will you have to wait to get to a computer to access your firmware and feature updates! Ideal for those who want instant access to all the latest sounds, but don't always have access to a computer.

21 Classic Amp Models & 47 Different Effects

Each model in the new Fender Mustang GT amplifier series comes pre-loaded with 21 classic amplifier models. These amp models cover a wide range of genres, from the bluesy tones of the ’59 Bassman to the high gain modern amps popular in the metal scene today. In addition, you have 47 different effects to sculpt your ideal sound with, ranging from blistering distortion, to smooth overdrive, delay and modulation as well as the ability to change where your effects appear in the signal chain - perfect for those who like to explore the different sounds that come along with different pedal orders. You can program your ideal sounds into the unit with one hand at home or rehearsal and take them straight to the stage, accessing your preset effects via the optional 4-Button MGT-4 footswitch (included with the GT 200). Create your own sounds and upload them to the Fender community or download Fender artist-created and user created presets straight to the amp over WiFi.  

Tube-driven response from a digital amplifier

Valve amp snobs out there will always try and argue that a digital amplifier isn't as responsive as an all-tube amplifier. Well, the Fender Mustang GT amplifiers will absolutely shut them up! Each Mustang GT amp includes updated amp models full of inspiring tone that accurately capture the dynamics of your playing. Each amp model reacts as if you're playing the real thing. Dig in hard and the amp will respond accordingly with some serious grunt, soften up your playing and listen to how the amp cleans up nicely - these amps roll with you. Take that, critics! Check out the full range of Fender Mustang GT Amplifiers over at PMT Online, or call in to your local store to try one out for yourself!