We take a look at some of our favourite Earthquaker Devices pedals, including some awesome fuzz, distortion, delay and more form the mind of the ex Black Keys tour Manager! It’s time to give your pedal board a shake up!

Gear geeks rejoice! It’s time to get excited. If you like boutique hand-made pedals you’re going to love EarthQuaker Devices pedals. Hand-made one at a time in Akron, Ohio, USA, each pedal is made with love and hand tested by their engineers, whilst founder/pedal designer (and ex Black Keys tour manager) Jamie Stillman steers the ship into sonic greatness. From humble beginnings in Akron to the stages of the world, Earthquaker Devices are slowly becoming one of the go-to brands for those who want boutique sounds without the hefty price tag. After picking up numerous NAMM “Best in Show” awards, Guitar World “Gold Awards,” and Premier Guitar “Editor's Picks” we decided it was about time to get hold of these pedals and take a look for ourselves. Without further delay, let’s take a look at the 12 Best EarthQuaker Devices Pedals (in our opinion) and our favourites from the huge range!

Earthquaker Devices Fuzz pedals

1. Earthquaker Devices Hoof V2 Fuzz Pedal

When talking about Earthquaker Devices, we have to start with Fuzz. It all started with Jamie Stillman in Akron Ohio. After his overdrive volume pot broke whilst in tour with the Black Keys, he took it apart and decided to try and fix it himself. Finding it easy enough, he branched out to creating his own pedals. Fast forward a few months and you end up with the Hoof Fuzz! Although the original is no longer available, the EarthQuaker Devices Hoof V2 Fuzz is the flagship pedal for the brand. And. It. Sounds. Amazing. Loosely based on the Russian muff-style circuit this fuzz monster utilises a hybrid Germanium/Silicon design to deliver some smooth fuzz tones as well as a wide gain range. This is not your regular fuzz. If you want more gain though, the EarthQuaker Devices Cloven Hoof V2 gives you 4x the amount of gain and some brutal tones to deal with.

2. EarthQuaker Devices Colby Fuzz Pedal

The EarthQuaker Devices Colby Fuzz Pedal is for fans of that dirty, fuzzy, growly fuzz made famous by Iggy and his Stooges cohorts. Inspired by the Park Fuzz sounds created by Jim Marshall back in the 60s and 70s, this thing sounds like it’s straight out of the “Fun House”. The set of NOS germanium transistors allow you to get that gorgeous (and slightly unpredictable) vintage fuzz tone but provides a wider range of sounds. Check out the full range of EarthQuaker Fuzz pedals.

EarthQuaker Devices Overdrive Pedals

3. EarthQuaker Devices Gray Channel Overdrive Pedal

Throwing two pedals into one chassis is a skill, but making sure each one sounds completely different from the other is wizadry. Well the technical wizards over at EarthQuaker HQ have crafted this awesome EarthQuaker Devices Gray Channel Overdrive Pedal to provide you with 2 different overdrive/distortion pedals in 1. Choose the amount of gain for each channel and dictate the clipping whilst retaining the character of your amp and guitar.

4. EarthQuaker Devices Dunes Overdrive Pedal

Wanna keep it simple but still sound amazing? No problem. The hand made EarthQuaker Devices Dunes Overdrive Pedal has been constructed to pay homage to the classic 808 OD pedal whilst retaining its own signature sound. Flick through three different voices MOSFET/SILICON/NONE and enjoy tight crunchy sounds, the classic 808 silicon infused overdrive and a boost that provides a huge amount of natural amp distortion. Use Stock bandwidth setting for a more classic tone, or flick to Full Range and enjoy a fatter, fuller tone! Crank these with a tube amp for best results! View all EarthQuaker Devices overdrive pedals.

Earthquaker Devices Distortion Pedals

5. Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold V2

There’s a selection of different distortion pedals from EarthQuaker, but our favourite here has to be the EarthQuaker Devices Acapulco Gold V2. Simple to use – there’s just one knob (!) stomp on it and listen to all the lush distortion tone on offer. Turn the knob anti-clockwise for an overdrive sound or crank it clockwise and watch how your sound goes from smooth distortion to harbinger of doom metal tones. On/Off, Boost/Distortion – it couldn’t be simpler, just use your guitar’s volume pot for the dynamics. View a full range of EarthQuaker Devices distortion pedals.

EarthQuaker Devices Delay Pedals

6. EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral Modulated Delay Pedal

Want something more from your delay pedals? Well, step right up because the EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral Modulated Delay Pedal is here to blow your mind. Enjoy anywhere between 30ms and 600ms of delay time and dictate how many repeats you want – from slapback to self-oscillation territory. Blend your dry and wet signals with the Mix setting and add modulation via the Depth control whilst you get to grips with the Shape knob that changes your wave shapes. Inspired by the old-school oil-can delays, you’ll find that this pedal has oodles of character. Want even more options? Try the EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Modulated Delay Pedal.

7. EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master Delay and Reverb V2

This nifty little 2 in 1 pedal is actually the company’s best selling pedal thanks to the array of different sounds on offer here. The EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master Delay and Reverb V2 effectively couples a lush reverb with beautiful delay that has been designed WITHOUT self-oscillation capabilities. Mix your delay up to 1.5 seconds and add in a slight amount of reverb for a fuller sound or turn everything up for some really ethereal tones. Slapback solos to lush soundscapes – the choice is yours with this awesome delay and reverb pedal. View all EarthQuaker Devices delay pedals.

EarthQuaker Devices Reverb Pedals

8. EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser Resonant Reverberator Pedal

Whilst we’re talking about reverb pedals, the EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser Resonant Reverberator Pedal is a great place to start. This pedal gives you an amazing amount of control over your reverb sound. Enjoy extra-long decay capabilities, change the tone of your reverb and dictate the speed of the system-wide modulation to create some out-of-this-world tones reminiscent of the show “Stranger Things” and every Sci-Fi film you love.

9. EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run Stereo Reverb and Delay

Whether you want to just get the job done with an On/Off switch or take complete control over every aspect of your sound, EarthQuaker are right there with you. The EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run Stereo Reverb and Delay is one of those pedals where the sonic possibilities are endless. A reverb and delay pedal in 1 beautifully designed chassis, you have total control over the Decay of the reverb as well as the Mix of the signal. On top of that you can add up to 2 seconds of delay, and use the toggle switch to dictate what kind of delay or reverb you want with Both/Reverse/Swell. You can even add an expression pedal for further control! View all EarthQuaker Devices reverb pedals.

Our Favourite EarthQuaker Devices Tremolo, Chorus and Octave Pedals

10. EarthQuaker Devices Hummingbird Tremolo Pedal

A decent tremolo that completely cuts the signal effectively can be hard to come by, but the team at EarthQuaker have completely nailed it with the Hummingbird Tremolo. Taking inspiration from the coveted tremolo system found within the AC30, the EarthQuaker Devices Hummingbird Tremolo Pedal effectively cuts your signal to provide a clean and crisp effect that you can adjust to your sonic preferences. Go from choppy riffs to slight shimmers to all out ring modulation speeds. You can even adjust the rate via an expression pedal and change up the Mode via the 3-way toggle switch.

11. EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine Mega Chorus Pedal

Yet again, EarthQuaker Devices provide players with more than they could ever need in terms of versatility without ever becoming too technical. The EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine Mega Chorus Pedal allows you to adjust 6 different parameters with Rate/Shape/Dimension/Intensity/Animate/Depth controls to sculpt everything from 'Come as You Are' style chorus lines to floating warbles that will make you sea sick! Use with extreme lack of caution and enjoy! We recommend testing out the Animate knob as you can completely change and "Animate" the pitch for some great signal swings.

12. EarthQuaker Devices Tentacle, Analog Octave Pedal

After receiving a huge amount of requests to make the Octave effect found in the Hoof Reaper pedal available as a standalone unit, the team at EarthQuaker put together this awesome Octave Pedal, which is by far a favourite here at PMT. The EarthQuaker Devices Tentacle Analog Octave Pedal is an easy to use pedal as there aren't any controls. It's either on or off - easy! Flick it on for an amazing sounding analogue octave up effect which becomes more pronounced from the 12th fret up. Throw a distortion pedal after it and create some seriously mind bending tones that Cthulhu would be proud of! Check out the full range of EarthQuaker Devices pedals over at PMT Online or call in to your nearest PMT store to try some out for yourself!