New Vox Valvetronix Amps announced! Vox have been hard at work creating their new VET (Virtual Elements Technology) that recreates some of your favourite valve amps, looking deep down at what makes them tick on a component level.

Tone Room Editor Mac The latest additions to their popular Valvetronix range incorporate this swanky new tech with Vox's Valve Reactor circuit for real tube tone and revolutionary chassis design to maximise projection and a hybrid digital/analogue power amp that offers even further control over every aspect of the sound. All the clever bells and whistles in the world don't count for much if you can't get control, thankfully the new VTX amps aren't short on front panel controls, while the Tone Reactor software lets you delve right in and tweak every single parameter, using either a mobile device like the iPad or a computer via USB. Being Vox they excel at clean chimes and throaty distortion but the amp models go all the way up to 11, with many being based on the very latest high gain heads too. Check out the Vox Valvetronix VT20X, VT40X and VT100X on PMT Online today. VTX_group