Looking to learn how to start a podcast?  You will find all the gear you could possibly ask for here at PMT Online and get your podcast setup up and running!  Browse our range of podcast Microphones, Headphones, Mixers and everything you need to run a successful Podcast!  Speak to our experts today and we can build you a tailor-made podcasting solution depending on your budget and needs.


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Podcast Microphones

When looking to start your own podcast, getting a great podcast mic is essential. At PMT online we have a wide range of top brands that produce great microphones for podcast recording. Presonus, Shure, and many more.

Podcast Headphones

Finding the best headphones for podcasting can be tricky. We look to make that process as easy as possible at PMT Online. Whether you are looking for open back studio headphones or bluetooth headphones for recording we have you covered!

Podcast Accessories

Looking to improve your podcast setup? Why not try some of our podcast mixing desks, USB audio interfaces or soundproofing equipment. At PMT online we have all the podcast recording equipment right at your fingertips.