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Music Software is at the heart of making music and recording on a computer, which is now a pretty easy and straightforward process. Most new computers are capable of running quickly enough to deal with recording and processing audio signal, and that's why, even though nothing beats recording at a proper studio, music production at home is so popular today. PMT Online stocks everything you need to make great recordings: all the best DAWVirtual InstrumentsSample LibrariesSoftware Packages and more!

Here's a look at some of the most important types of music software you'll find at PMT:


In order to make your computer your recording studio, you must have a dedicated music software program on your PC or Mac, to be able to compose, record and edit your music with studio-quality results. There are many different types of audio software and what you use will depend on your application, but most common is the Digital Audio Workstation (known as DAW). PMT supply a comprehensive range of from all the best brands such as Native InstrumentsAbletonPropellerheadSteinberg and Cakewalk: today, you are more likely to see musicians and producers using Ableton LiveReason, Cubase or Pro-Tools than a multitrack tape recorder.


They are a great tool for the bedroom producer - or any recording studio which desires to provide a wider range of sounds. After all, not all of us can afford to record a whole orchestra, can we? That's what this kind of software is all about - to give you access to the sounds of a wide range of instruments, including rare or expensive ones. Top brands include Arturia, Cakewalk and Toontrack.


Effects plug-ins are a great way to make your recordings sound richer and more professional, and therefore a good setup should include some! Effects can be anything from reverbs to plug-ins that make your digital recordings sound more "analogue".


Also simply known as samples, they are digital recordings of the sounds of real instruments, which can be used by producers and composers to help them create new pieces of music, in a cost-effective way!


Notation software is popular because they allow the musician to compose and create scores on the computer, and is also very popular in music education. In fact, if you are looking for great software for school work, please visit our Education Software section, where you find all the most important software at discount prices - for education customers only, of course!

It's also worth noting that PMT also sells select software for immediate download, so check them out!


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