Home Pianos

Home Pianos are the best choice for beginners learning to play the piano, or if you can't fit a baby grand or other types of acoustic piano in your home - because they are lighter, smaller and designed to fit where space might be an issue. If you're looking for an upright piano or home piano then you're in the right place.


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Home Pianos And Upright Pianos For A Variety of Spaces

At the PMT Online piano shop we stock a wide range including the popular Yamaha Clavinova series, and other great, upright-style Korg and Roland digital pianos. Upright pianos will work well in a variety of spaces and also compliment the interior of your house or apartment.

Buy Your Home Pianos And Upright Pianos Online Or Instore

Buying a digital home piano to use in your house can be a difficult decision, many things have to be considered, size, looks, and of course the sound. PMT has a large variety of acoustic and digital pianos for you to browse, from budget-friendly with no performance to spare pianos like the Yamaha YDP-143, to the pinnacle of digital pianos with the Roland LX17 Digital Piano. PMT piano shop showrooms are staffed with home Piano specialists who understand your needs when buying your first piano.

Learn To Play In Style

Learning on an upright piano will provide an authentic and comfortable playing experience. This is because they produce a natural sound and are usually a strong build. The high-quality construction usually means that upright pianos also hold their value for a very long time - this is great if you have concerns over potentially wanting to sell your instrument years down the line.

Buy Home Piano And Upright Pianos At PMT

Our showrooms include Roland Planet and a Yamaha Pulse area: these are stocked with the latest models and best solutions. Once you've made a decision on buying then, Talk to Us about our different delivery and set up options, and let the PMT team take the stress out of buying your first home piano.

Home Piano FAQs

  • What type of piano is best for home use?

    Many people choose to use digital pianos at home due to their flexibility. Upright pianos are on option for saving space compared to a full-sized grand piano.
  • What are the 3 types of pianos?

    The 3 main types of piano are Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, and Digital Pianos.
  • Is the piano difficult to learn?

    The piano can be a difficult instrument to learn, but with a dedicated practice schedule and strong work ethic then within 6 months you should be able to play songs and write some bits of music for yourself.
  • How many keys are on a full size piano?

    A full-sized piano has 88 keys. This is 7 octaves and 3 notes below the bottom C, comprising of 52 white keys and 36 black keys.
  • How much does a good home piano cost?

    Due to the advancement in digital piano technology, it's now possible to own a high-performing keyboard for under £200! Some full-sized digital pianos can cost in the range of £4-5000, but you don't have to spend this much for a quality bit of gear.