Humbucker Guitar Pickups

Unleash the full potential of your electric guitar with our premium selection of humbucker guitar pickups. Delivering increased output, reduced noise, and a fuller tone when compared to single coil pickups, humbuckers are extremely popular in rock, blues, metal and could be the missing piece in your electric guitar setup. Discover our range of premium humbucker guitar pickups from renowned brands including EMG, Seymour Duncan and more and upgrade your electric guitar today.


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What is a humbucker pickup?

A guitar humbucker pickup, often simply referred to as a "humbucker," is a type of magnetic pickup commonly found on electric guitars. It's designed to reduce the hum and noise that single-coil pickups can sometimes pick up from electrical interference sources like fluorescent lights, transformers, or other electronic devices.

Additionally, humbuckers are known for producing a thicker, warmer, and more powerful sound compared to single-coil pickups. They often have a higher output level, which can provide increased sustain and a more robust tone, making them popular among players in genres like rock, metal, and jazz.

Overall, humbucker pickups offer players a combination of reduced noise and interference, along with a distinct tonal character, making them a preferred choice for many guitarists looking to shape their sound.

Which guitars use humbuckers?

In general, humbucker pickups can be installed on most electric guitars, though there are several factors that determine whether or not a humbucker is compatible with an electric guitar, including the guitar's routing, the pickguard, the electronics, the bridge and more.

Ultimately, while it's technically possible to install a humbucker pickup on most electric guitars with the right modifications, you should check in with a guitar technician to ensure that a humbucker is compatible with your guitar and is installed properly.


  • Should I get single coil or humbucker?

    Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences, playing style, and the specific sound you're looking to achieve. If possible, try out guitars equipped with both types to get a feel for their tonal characteristics and how they suit your playing style.