Beginner Acoustic Guitars

All great musicians have to start somewhere! Below you will find a list of beginner acoustic guitars, carefully selected by our PMT experts to find the perfect balance between great sound, price and how friendly they are to beginners.

For every guitarist, buying your first guitar is a special moment. One you will remember forever.


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What Should I Look For?

Choosing The Right Sound - with acoustic guitars you have two basic choices of sound available to you: Nylon String or Steel String. Nylon Strings are often recommended for beginners under the age of 12, as they are easier on your fingers, and they're great for classical and traditional music styles. Steel strings, on the other hand, are perfect for helping you sound like your favorite acoustic players, such as Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Bob Dylan, and more.

The Right Size And Shape - whilst a full-sized Dreadnought may well be the acoustic guitar of choice for many of the world's top acoustic performers, it's worth noting that they're also amongst the largest guitars on the marker so probably not suitable for smaller/younger players. This is why choosing the correct size is arguably the most important factor to consider.

No need to worry though, as Acoustic guitars come in all shapes and sizes, from a 1/4-sized classical instrument through to the classic Super Jumbo and Dreadnought shapes. As a recommendation, if you're buying for somebody aged 2-5 years, then a 1/4 size would be the way to go; 5-12 years, and it's a 1/2-size to 3/4 size, or a Concert/Auditorium; 12-15 and a full-sized classical, or even full-sized acoustic should be fine.

Settling On A Budget - once you've settled on the string and body types it's always a good idea to settle on a price range that you're willing to invest with, as it's worth noting that whilst you can buy an acoustic guitar for less than £50 they can easily cost in excess of £10,000 with some brands! Here at PMT, we recommend that you aim for the £50 to £250 mark for your first acoustic, depending upon the size and style that you are aiming for. Don't forget though: this could well be an investment for the future, so it will pay off in the long run.

Don't Forget Your Accessories - when you have picked the perfect guitar for kickstarting your musical journey, you will need to remember to save a portion of your budget for accessories that will help you along your way. Some of the most popular accessories can be found in the shape of spare strings, plectrums, a gig bag/carry bag, a guitar tuner, a capo, and more.