Premium Bass Guitars

These Bass Guitars have been selected by our Experts at PMT for their unrivalled build-quality, professional-grade components, and awesome high-quality tones. Featuring models from Fender, Rickenbacker and more, these stunning instruments make no compromises and are designed for those who only want the best from their bass. Unleash your premium groove today!


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The Best of the Best

No matter whether you need an extended range monster or a slick, classic design - every bass in our Premium range has been chosen because it offers something special. Anniversary models, Limited Edition products, or sought-after Signature Series - we've got it. Every model here will grant players the best in playability and tone, so come down and try one in-store today to see just how special they are!

The Most Inspiring Instruments in the World

Getting your hands on one of our premium bass guitars is an exhilarating experience for even the most demanding of players. This range of instruments will inspire you to create more music and play all day, so you know it will be a worthwhile investment.