Joe Russell

Drum & Percussion Expert at Norwich

Joe Russell, a PMT Expert

What was your first instrument?
Anything I could hit with my hands and face!

Favourite guitar pedal?
The Mapex Falcon Direct Double-Drive pedal! It’s smoother than James Brown at a Playboy mansion party.

Your favourite gear that you constantly use?
Shure’s SE 425 dual driver in-ear monitors. I can’t gig without them!

Musical weapon of choice?
My beloved 14X6.5 Natal Aluminium snare drum. It does everything... And more...

Favourite album:
‘Ten’ by Pearl Jam.

What are your three favourite brands in PMT Norwich?
Natal, Tama and Mapex. The Three Kings of Drums.

Guilty pleasure...?
Who doesn’t love a bit of ABBA?