Jim G

Hi-Tech Expert at Northampton

Jim G, a PMT Expert

What did you do before you worked at PMT?
I was a freelance recording engineer for 5 years, working predominantly with classical music and jazz labels. I still record and release a few CDs of both music and spoken word audio books every year. Prior to that I worked at HHB London and SADiE, supplying recording and mastering equipment to studios worldwide, and training new users in recording, editing and production techniques.

So you’re the go-to guy about recording and producing music?
Absolutely. If you're looking to get your sound out to the world, come and see me. I specialise in pianos and keyboards, computer-based products and recording equipment, and PA/live sound products too.

What else do you like?
I also enjoy geeky discussions about modular synths, either with or without cats.